SAKE, Art Show by Muddy Yard

Yesterday I had a sneak preview of Muddy Yard's new show SAKE.  Muddy Yard is an artist-led project space in south London - and their second group show includes new and very exciting works centred on the theme of 'purpose'.The main ideas behind the show are, 'What is the point to our every day existence without a purpose?'  And 'Is making art a self-prescribed purpose pill?'  Purpose is very important, it gives life meaning, and apparently it has been scientifically proven that you live longer if you have a purpose. So purpose is good, but behind the optimism of living a fulfilling purposeful life as an artist, there are darker questions - it is becoming increasingly harder to make art whilst living in London.  Many of these artists are at the beginning of their careers, forging a path for themselves, whilst also trying to sustain life in London.  Others are well-known in their field, but feeling the pressures of 'producing' a certain type of art to pay the bills.On show are some really fascinating works, each with it's own little story, I am particularly intrigued by Isabelle Southwood's piece, a planter containing the soil she wants to be buried in, Alex McNamee's video of unpurposeful work, and Holly Hendry's beautiful sculpture.  The making process that has gone into each is fascinating and there is a wide variety of mediums.  The band Pleasure Complex will also be playing a rolling set for part of the night.  There is lots of see, and lots to learn, and it is such a fun interesting space.This evening Muddy Yard, is opening it's doors to display these new artworks, and giving us a glimpse into how each of the artists understands their art to be the purpose of their life.The private view is being held this evening, 6pm til late. RSVP: if you would like to attend.Alice xxx

Jamie Stiby Harris