Goodbye Social Media

Dear friends and readers,

I am currently having a social media detox.

This is for many reasons, but mainly because I find social media actually makes me far less social!

Too much time spent staring at my phone and finding the perfect filter, and too much time assuming I know what my friends are up to, without actually calling them up to find out.  And so much wasted time, mindlessly scrolling through endless images, when I could just be reading a book, or learning something new.

So I’ve done it – goodbye Twitter for good, Facebook deactivated (I can’t quite yet bring myself to delete the account completely), and Instagram – well it’s still there, inactive for the moment, and perhaps I will come back at some point, with a healthier attitude.

I plan to read more books, write more letters and spend more time with people, rather than their online counterparts.

And I hope this will also give me more time to focus on the blog, to meet and speak with people, and write about their amazing stories and share them with you!

So do keep checking back, and if you would like to be updated on a regular basis, please do sign up with your email below.

I would never want, however, to become another annoying email in your inbox, so if email notifications aren’t for you, please check back every Wednesday at lunchtime (1pm) for my latest post.

Lots of love, Alice xxx💕💕

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