One of my main reasons for wanting to go to this part of Spain was to see the Alhambra ⭐️.  You need to book very very early and we had not done this 😳.  Two weeks before we went, the kind man over the phone ☎️ tried to fob us off  with tickets to the Generalife garden 🌳'does this include entry to the Nasrid Palaces 🏤?' 'No' 'Are the Nasrid Palaces 🏤 the best part' 'Yes' - it is important to preserve.   After a fair bit of probing he did admit that the best way to get a ticket was to ring him the day before we wanted to go, as they always have tickets the day before ☎️.  I wasn't superbly happy about this, but we had no choice but to chance it.  The day arrived - I called up the lady 💁 in the ticket office - and NO tickets 😭.  Our only hope now was to go and queue the following morning (the ticket office opens at 8am, and she suggested getting there VERY early 😳).So I may have made Andy, Max and Laura wake up at 6am ⏰ to drive over to Granada to get into the disneylandesque queue so we could get into the Alhambra ⭐️ - sometimes it's important to do these things.  It was slightly drizzling ☔️ when we arrived at 7.30am ⏰there was already a monstrous queue 👬👭👭👬.  We split into two parties - 2 to queue for the actual ticket office 👭, and 2 to queue to buy tickets from a machine 👬, and drank some terrible coffee while we waited ☕️.  I am pleased to tell you we did get tickets - the ticket machine queue won and Andy and Max came back triumphantly 🎉.My two favourite parts of the Alhambra were the Generalife Gardens  🌳- the roses 🌹 were out and it had recently rained ☔️ and they are rather beautiful.And then of course the Nasrid Palaces 🏤 - there are just so many patterns ⭐️ everywhere, they are quite splendid.And they have a good gift shop 🏰 - I bought a glasses 👓 case covered in an Alhambra ⭐️ inspired pattern.  Andy suggested they should be selling Al - ham - bras 🐷👙 (that would be bras made of ham in a nice pattern) - sorry for giving your idea away Andy...I am SO pleased we made it 😍.  And I suggest you book in advance if you do decide to go.Alice xxxIMG_3170IMG_3171IMG_3173IMG_3174IMG_3176IMG_3177IMG_3182Photo 07-05-2016Photo 07-05-2016-2Photo 07-05-2016-3Photo 07-05-2016-5Photo 07-05-2016-7Photo 07-05-2016-8Photo 07-05-2016-10Photo 07-05-2016-11Photo 07-05-2016-12Photo 07-05-2016-14Photo 07-05-2016-15Photo 07-05-2016-16Photo 07-05-2016-17Photo 07-05-2016-18Photo 07-05-2016-19Photo 07-05-2016-20Photo 07-05-2016-21Photo 07-05-2016-22Photo 07-05-2016-23Photo 07-05-2016-24IMG_3191Photo 07-05-2016-27Photo 07-05-2016-28Photo 07-05-2016-29Photo 07-05-2016-31Photo 07-05-2016-32Photo 07-05-2016-33Photo 07-05-2016-35Photo 07-05-2016-36Photo 07-05-2016-37Photo 07-05-2016-38Photo 07-05-2016-39Photo 07-05-2016-40