For the rest of our trip we stayed in a superb airbnb 🏰 is a town called Antequera 🏯.  Antequera is directly north of Malaga and in-between Seville and Granada, a good location 📉.We scooped up Laura from the train station 🚂 and arrived at Calle Federico Garcia Lorca (the nice lady on the sat nav isnt too good at Spanish - 'calais federi co gar cia lor ca' - I don't do it as well as her - she says the 'c's hard 'c's, like 'k' for 'kettle' - it's almost delightful.)  The airbnb was great -  modern with a pool 🏊 and an amazing view out over the town and the countryside towards the 'Peña de los Enamorados' 💔, a large rock 🗿that looks like a man's head in profile and is known as the 'Lover's rock' 💘 as a moorish girl 👧and a christian boy 👦threw themselves from it, knowing that they could never be together.  I was fond of this rock by the time we left, it's a really wonderful landmark 🗿.The airbnb was ideal and we decided we should also explore Antequera 🏯 - Andy's guidebook described it at the 'Florence of Andalucia' ⛪️ and it does have some rather nice churches and old streets.  I think the nicest thing is that there aren't too many other tourists 👫👫.  We visited the Acazabar - the fortress 🏤 - which has an excellent audio guide, and nice views.The other things we got excited about in Antequera was a fruit shop  🍓🍊🍌🍍🍇- SO MUCH fruit - the man running the shop was quite baffled by us, the oranges are the best 🍊.  We had some good food 🍴- Friday night was spent in Sal y Pimienta - and if you ever find yourself in Antequera please go here.  It is a tiny little bar 🍻, with one lady behind the bar 💁 and her mother 🙋in the kitchen, and was full to the brim with locals 👪.  More and more intriguing tapas kept appearing 🍛 - 'you must try this' - and much 'jerez' 🍷was drunk.  We even made friends with the woman who runs the 'Lobo Parc' (that's wolves) 🐺 and promised her we would visit.  Whilst in Antequera we ate at a number of good places - however would not recommend the 80s bar 🎤.  Spanish 80s music......and we really did try our best to dance, but they could have just played some Madonna 💃 - the poor youth of Antequera.  Surprisingly it was mainly filled with middle aged ladies all samba / salsaing away 💃- so perhaps we had chosen the wrong nightlife - they were much taken with Andy's dancing 👯.We visited La Laguna de Fuente Piedra ⛲️ where the flamingos 🐦 spend their time when they aren't in Africa.  We were very excited to see the flamingos 🐦 but sadly they are more sensible than us - and almost all of them had to decided to hide away from the horrid weather ☔️ - but we did see some , including a black and white one 🐦- apparently this happens when they don't eat the right food 🍤 that gives them their pink colour 💕.  They are really quite marvellous birds, and we watched them for quite some while - although it looks as though their knees bend backwards - they don't - these joints are actually their ankles.  They are very handsome birds 🐦💕.I liked Antequera a lot 🏯 - I liked the airbnb with it's amazing view and we did spend lots of time reading 📚 and not doing too much. The following day was our trip to Granada to see the Alhambra 🏰, and I will tell you all about it tomorrow!Alice xxxPhoto 05-05-2016-19Photo 05-05-2016-20Photo 06-05-2016-3Photo 06-05-2016-4IMG_3162IMG_3163Photo 06-05-2016-5Photo 06-05-2016-6Photo 06-05-2016-9Photo 06-05-2016-7Photo 06-05-2016-8IMG_3167Photo 06-05-2016-11Photo 06-05-2016-12