A Year of Blogging!

Happy New Year!!  I hope you enjoyed many celebrations and are looking forward to 2017 😃.January 2017 is also a bit of a milestone, as it has been entire year since I started writing my blog on a weekly basis, which is very exciting - one WHOLE year, thank you all for keeping up so far 💕.2016 Best Nine have kindly shown me which of my Instagram posts were the most popular - have a look here -  and I thought it would be fun to have a look back at nine of my blog posts too, so here they are 😘Alice xxx

1. #ThatCoat Went Viral

 Alice Frances That Coat ZaraAn Epidemic #ThatCoatThere's this blue and white printed Zara coat everyone seems to be wearing...It all got very exciting when the Daily Mail picked up mine and Emily's @thatcoat instagram account exclusively dedicated to a certain Zara Coat, and we went from 200 to 5000 followers in one week.  We still haven't heard anything from Zara (I was hoping they might send me my very own #ThatCoat for Christmas) but I am very happy to tell you, it's currently in the sale online, and might well be your last chance to pick up this very special coat 😉.  If this is your first encounter with #ThatCoat, have a little read here.


2. An interview with Rosanna Lonsdale

 Banana Leaf Lamp Rosanna LonsdaleRosanna Lonsdale LampsI spoke with Rosanna Lonsdale about starting her business and how she hand makes her beautiful lamps.  She has since launched her website, do have a look here

3. A vintage dress and a Magnolia tree

 Murray Arbeid Dress Magnolia SargentianaMagnolia Sargentiana in a Murray Arbeid DressMy favourite tree and my favourite dress.  I put on a vintage dress by Murray Arbeid and climbed about in the Magnolia Sargentiana var robusta Chenault at High Beeches Garden. It was fun, the photos are even more fun, and there is a tiny bit of plant knowledge in there too. 

4. Photos by Benoit at the Barbican

 Benoit Grogan Avignon BarbicanBenoît Grogan-Avignon, PhotographerI visited Benoit, a portrait, editorial and event photographer, who takes the most beautiful photos.  We chatted about his journey into photography, and he took some photos of me at the Barbican. 

Limehouse Ceramics Elizabeth MacnealLimehouse CeramicsI visited Elizabeth Macneal of Limehouse Ceramics in her studio, we spoke about her making process and starting up her business.  She has the most idyllic studio at the end of her garden, I am really quite jealous. 

6. An Afternoon at the Viaduct

 The Viaduct Lucy Wang DressThe ViaductI put on a dress by Lucy Wang and we had a fun time taking photos in the Viaduct in Sussex.  Photographs by Sarah Bray 

7. A Visit to Sophie's Shop

 Sophie's Shop East GrinsteadSophie's Shop RevisitedI spent an afternoon with Sophie in her shop in East Grinstead trying on all sorts of vintage and new designer clothes, and came away with some very exciting finds. 

8. The Garden

 IMG_8884HydrangeaI took many photos of High Beeches Garden through the year, capturing the changing of the seasons.  For some early flowering plants and camellia inspiration have a look at The Plant Lesson, for a variety of April blooms A Walk in the Garden, wonderful Cherry Blossom, Riotous Rhododendrons, a naturalised Wildflower Meadow and fiery Autumn Colour.  Oh and don't miss the Flower Show for an overdose on camellias 😍.  If you want to learn more, definitely have a look at the High Beeches Garden blog written by Sarah Bray. 

9. An Adventure in the Scilly Isles

 Tresco Scilly Isles in a Kate Spade DressThe Scilly Isles in a Kate Spade DressAnd we visited Tresco in the Scilly Isles (maybe one of my all time favourite places), and took a few photos on the beach, in this delightful dress from Kate Spade.  Photographs taken by Emily Bray and Sarah Bray