The January Issue

Happy 2018!

As it's January and we are feeling decidedly fatter, definitely poorer and our livers are crying out for a break, we thought we would share some fairly wholesome things we will be doing this month 😘.


Drying Out January

I know it a cliché, but I have done dry January for the last two years, and there is something rather refreshing about just saying no.  I did find it hard to start with, the hardest part being the cry of 'why don't you just have one glass' from friends who cannot comprehend your presence at the pub sans alcohol.  However, I urge you to resist and to push through - you will feel a little better for it, and certainly very smug when everyone is moaning about their horrific hangovers in the morning and you've already run 5K.  The major downside is the lack of interesting drinking alternatives, I'm not a big fizzy drink drinker, nor do I much like the nasty orange juice from concentrate pubs serve. Instead I tend to go for a nice pint of soda water mixed with cranberry juice and a dash of lime.  A little bit weird, but at least it keeps you hydrated, and hangover free. Already feeling a little smug.

Running a Half Marathon

All three of us have signed up for the Hampton Court Half Marathon in February (do join us or cheer us on, we need all the support we can get, and any training tips are very welcome). Olivia is also doing the London Marathon in April, so we are all running around like crazy.

This time last year I ran a 5K for the first time in a very long time, I'm not even sure that I had ever run that far before. For some reason at school I got lumbered with running the 1500 metres in athletics, but the idea of running a whole 5 kilometres felt like madness. However, I dug out my trainers (still full of sand from those occasional runs I took along the beach in St Andrews) and off I ran around Battersea Park and it really wasn't that bad. So now, a year later, I'm doing a half marathon, probably not a fast one, but I'm excited all the same.

Sending More Postcards

This is just fun, and second class stamps only cost 56p, so really we should be posting letters to each other all the time.  I'm all for the hand made card, and I am eyeing up a number of ink stamps from the English Stamp Company, all I need now is lots of white card.  Perhaps for lent I shall give up Whatsapp and only converse via postcard - if you want a letter in the post, just let me know 😍.


Sweating out Your Indulgences and Sins

Whilst you cannot undo anything you consumed this holidays, you can certainly sweat out some of the toxins. I will be heading down to Southbank's latest installation Finnish Rooftop Sauna - a Finnish themed sauna, decked with beautiful decorations and views overlooking the river and the London skyline - the ultimate way to start a new you in the New Year!

Reading a Book

'You Do You' by Sarah Knight - this life guru's latest book couldn't be more fitting for that “new you” you're planning on focusing on. She helps shake off the ridiculous expectation you give yourself and teaches you to say f**k perfect. Covering a range of topics from relationships to finances to health - Sarah reminds us that there are no rules when it comes to your life.

Taking a Day Trip from London

It’s very important to get a good dose of fresh, clean air - especially when living in London. I will be heading out of London and becoming one with Nature venturing on one of the Long Man Walks from Lewes - just over hour from London by train, and perfect for Sunday hiking.


Having a Board Game Evening

I will be inviting all my pals round for an evening of board game entertainment. Starting the newbies on Monopoly, and upgrading to Risk when I think they are mentally prepared.

Visiting a Gallery

The Newport Street Gallery is in a fun building, all the exhibitions are free and it's even south of the river, situated happily between Vauxhall and Lambeth. I am excited to get stuck into the current exhibition Dan Colen: Sweet Liberty.

Going for a Bike Ride

I will be going for more bike rides (hire a Boris Bike, it's very simple, and excellent for the gluteus maximus) -  and cycling along Regent's Canal towpath in north London is very pleasant, definitely include a stop for fish and chips at the Broadway Fish Bar, on Broadway Market.

...and writing things down

This is partly because I (Alice 🙋) am obsessed with diaries and note books and list making, and my very favourite is kikki. K's 365 Journal, one beautiful blank page for every day of the year. So happy making, buy one now, it will make you feel better.

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