Wishing for on Wednesday

This Wednesday I wanted to do a little piece on my four favourite things from The New Craftsmen.  Now if you haven't been yet, you must go and visit their beautiful showroom at 34 North Row.It was incredibly hard to chose just four things, there are just so many wonderful pieces!  So I chose six, with a couple of different things by the same maker.  The New Craftsmen work with craft makers based in Britain, and they both sell the makers pieces, and you can commission things too.  So if you want a unique set of hand-blown glassware, or perhaps a bright silk-screen printed cushion, this is the place to come 😍.Alice xxxIMG_9032IMG_9098IMG_8654IMG_8904IMG_9030IMG_9034IMG_8523IMG_9036IMG_9110 

Seville - The Beginning

Next stop - Seville 🍊.I took the high speed train 🚄 - and arrived in Seville 5 hours later, passing through many olive groves 🌳.I really like Seville 🍊.  The sunshine ☀️ helped a lot, but it really is just a rather lovely place.  At the centre, surrounding the cathedral ⛪️, the streets are mainly pedestrianised - and there are endless little bars 🍹and restaurants 🍜 lining the streets - and orange 🍊🌳 trees everywhere.  It is rather wonderful 😊.I was there with the Islington Choral Society 🎶 - I would like to make it clear that I DO NOT SING 🎤❌ - but know someone who does and I was there as support / enjoying a trip to Seville 💃.  The choir were about 100 strong, and I think we may have completely taken over the hotel.  Everyone was very excited - there were many mentions as to how brilliant the last trip to Perugia was.  There were to be two concerts - one in Seville 🍊 and one in Cordoba 🏰.We all visited the Real Alcazar 🏤- the main palace in Seville.  This may have been my favourite place we visited - the palace is a interesting mix of styles from different eras, the first part we went into has bright orange and yellow tiles in floral designs 🍊🍋💐- the second part is Moorish 🏰 - tiles in geometric patterns ◽️◾️.  And I loved the gardens 🌳 - tiles 🔷♦️ everywhere still, with palm trees 🌴 and roses 🌹 and many archways 🏰.The concert 🎶was in the church of Santa Maria Magdalena ⛪️ - and there had been many mutterings along the lines of - 'no one is actually going to turn up ....'  however, when we got to the church it was full to the brim, mass had just taken place and NO ONE left👫👬👭.  The huge, very ornate church was packed  - and they stayed listening to the whole of Mozart's Requiem 😯🎶.  Apparently local tv 📺had been plugging Islington Choral Society and people had turned up specially to listen 👏.  There was a lot of celebration after - the biggest audience ever 🍻!Alice xxxPhoto 29-04-2016IMG_3053Photo 30-04-2016Photo 30-04-2016-2Photo 30-04-2016-3Photo 30-04-2016-4Photo 30-04-2016-5Photo 30-04-2016-6Photo 30-04-2016-7Photo 30-04-2016-8Photo 30-04-2016-10Photo 30-04-2016-11Photo 30-04-2016-9Photo 30-04-2016-12IMG_3074Photo 30-04-2016-13Photo 30-04-2016-14Photo 30-04-2016-16Photo 30-04-2016-17Photo 30-04-2016-18Photo 30-04-2016-19Photo 30-04-2016-20Photo 29-04-2016-7Photo 29-04-2016-4Photo 29-04-2016-2Photo 29-04-2016-6Photo 30-04-2016-21Photo 30-04-2016-22Photo 30-04-2016-23Photo 30-04-2016-24