Christmas Party Outfits

Tis' the season to pull out your party frocks, and dust off your dancing shoes, for the Christmas party marathon is well under way. From the dreaded work Christmas do, to the mulled wine bash that always gets a little out of hand, you are going to need something to wear. Read on below for our advice on looking your very best this Christmas time.

Alice & Olivia xxx

The Lunch Party

An early Christmas lunch with all your boyfriend's relatives, or a lunch with friends who are decidedly more 'grown-up' than you (they have a 2 year old, you have a dead pot plant), Boden and French Sole are your friends here try these trousers, this shirt and these pumps, and you'll look tidy and trendy, perfect.

The Work Christmas Party

This is easy in some ways, all your colleagues will be discussing their outfits weeks before so you'll be able to gauge the appropriate dress code. We say, as it's Christmas, go full on sequins, and pair with an appropriate level heel, you don't want to be staggering at the beginning of the night.

The Drinks Party

Pull out the stops for this one, first of all this may be the only chance to see the boy you fancy who is friend of a friend of a friend - he'll for sure be at this party. Dress up because it's a good excuse too, and because when everyone else sees you they'll wish they had made an effort too.  It's also the perfect time to wear that dress that's too smart for going out but not wedding-attire appropriate.

The Birthday Brunch

The selfish friend whose birthday is in December, I mean really, don't they know how many other Christmas social engagements are already in your diary?  However off to the birthday brunch you must go, and looking good is a must, particularly when you haven't seen them in a while. A wool skirt with over the knee boots and a cashmere sweater is cool yet v casual.

The Winter Wedding

It's happening, you're nearly 30 and your friends keep getting engaged.  It turns out the wedding season is a season that never ends, ever - May bank holiday, the middle of the week, Easter Sunday - there isn't a single day of the year that is safe, even New Years Eve has been hijacked. Photos will be taken, and put on Facebook whether you like or not, so outfit recycling is just not an option, and beware anything from Zara, the girl two pews behind you will be wearing it. You are however, almost refreshingly, allowed to wear black, so for that winter wedding, try this dress and a bespoke hat.

Christmas Day Outfit



It's important to make an effort on Christmas day, so plan ahead and make sure you pack something comfy yet chic.  It's the year of the metallic pleated skirt, we love it paired with a polo neck and ankle boots, and don't forget your Alex Monroe necklace and fun tights.

The Black Tie Party

Who even knows what 'Black Tie' means anymore, is it short, is it long, does it include jumpsuits and does it even matter? Really you can choose a dress you like provided it's not uber short / too revealing, and dress it up how you want, what fun. Any dress from Needle & Thread will do very nicely, and make sure you have a suitably snazzy clutch bag too.

New Years Eve Party

The big night of the year everyone dreads, WHAT to do for New Year (should celebrate, must celebrate), and certainly must look good. This year it's all about the glitter jumpsuit, surprisingly it works on most shapes, just pair with some magenta velvet block heels and your ready for 2018.

Words Alice Bray, Illustrations Olivia Dueser

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Christmas Sparkle

I always like planning a Christmas Day outfit 🎁🎄🎅, I love the combination of evening party wear 👠with smart daytime dressing 👗.  It's the chance to wear fun heels all day, because, really, after all that turkey, you're not moving too far; to put on a bit of silly sparkle 👑 or maybe just all your sparkle 💎💎💎, to wear that dress you've had in your wardrobe all year and have been so wanting to wear 👗; and of course the opportunity to wear statement jewels all day long 💍.It can be tricky though.  Are you going to go for the pattern trouser, block heel, silk shirt look, or are you going to dress down your party dress with a polo neck and some glittery tights? 💄🎀👗👠I thought I would pick out some fun sparkly items for you and something to wear them with, hopefully just in time to buy them before Christmas, but you better be quick 🎅😘  I haven't decided on my outfit yet, but I shall keep you posted 💌 😍.Alice xxxThe Glitter HeelAsos - Show up Glitter Heel - £35image1xl

wear with

& Other Stories - Opened Back Dress - £65

0408648002_1_100011         The Glitter Detail Pump

J Crew - Collection Drake's For J Crew Pant in Midnight Unicorn - £198


wear with

Mrs Alice for French Sole - Knightsbridge Suede and Glitter Pumps - £195

 kns13_z_3       The Jazzy Trainers and Sparkle SkirtBeam -  Silver Light Up Trainers -  £74.99silver_diagonal_1024x1024

wear with

Nobody's Child - Glitter Star  Velvet Skater Skirt -  £18

ts62f44kblk_zoom_f_1         The Glitter Polo Neck& Other Stories  - Glitter Rib Turtleneck -  £29

wear with


Baia  Bags - Small Drawstring Bucket Bag - £240


         The Statement NecklaceZara - Coat with Tassel Detail - £89.98326744800_6_1_1wear with

J Crew - Magnolia Crystal Necklace - £61


And The Embellished Party Frock

BCBGMaxazria - Runway Leonie Dress - £258


Sophia Webster - Chiara - £450


Kate Spade - Cameron Street Glitter Small Birdie - £245