Brayce Yourself

Welcome to our first column! Each week Emily, Susannah and I will be updating you with our thoughts from the week, so keep tuned and Brayce yourself for all the excitement to come...

Alice xxx


At the awkward late 20s stage, only minorly disillusioned by living and working in London

This week has been kind of normal, I've been to work, seen some friends, been out to dinner, remembered to do my washing, remembered to hang up washing, had a house argument over Whatsapp, had a few too many drinks on a week night, managed not to order any deliveroo yet, tried not to snack at my desk too much, overindulged in too much banana bread at my desk.  So really it's been a fun, but normal week. Except two things that shocked me out of my gentle south of the river dwelling life:First of all I was shouted at my an old man whilst riding my bicycle across Wandsworth Common.  There I am, just minding my own business, happily cycling home after work and very pleased that it is still light in the evening.  And ok, I KNOW you aren't supposed to cycle across the bridge, but I did cycle across the bridge and a man unleashed his rage upon me. It was definitely a telling off.  Not a polite 'You know you aren't supposed to cycle on this bridge?' it was a 'GET OFF YOUR BIKE THE SIGN SAYS NO CYCLING' and then a 'WHY HAVE YOU NOT STOPPED CYCLING?'.  Apparently hurling abuse at a girl on a bicycle is just fine, people do love throwing their pent up aggression at cyclists, this is not the first time it has happened, but I do not understand it - I am highly considerate, non-lycra clad (pretty slow) cyclist, who very occasionally breaks the rules ;-)The second was a confusing encounter at an interview in which everyone was at cross purposes.  A middle aged woman tried to convince me to do all sorts of work that I really didn't want to do for her at all.  And my 18 year old self would probably have been lured in, and then have been broken down during the ensuing year, and I wish I could have told  her not to be so taken in by the bright lights of a job in the 'arts world'.  Thankfully, 10 years on I left highly bemused, but also knowing that I would never work for her - and only a tiny bit put out by the highly 'understanding' recruitment agent.  Another note to my 18 year old self - beware recruitment agents, and estate agents for that matter.Have a look at my Mother's Day Gift Ideas on the menu drop down (3 little horizontal lines at the top right of the blog) 💐😍.


2 and a half years out of University, and the glamour of London working life is fading rapidly

New week, new job. Always a daunting task being the newbie. Where is the loo? What do you guys do for lunch? How can I perfectly time my new commute to ensure maximum sleep?  On top of all of these pressing questions, I have given up coffee for lent – which made remembering everyone’s names and my way around the new building significantly more arduous than usual. So far, no hideous embarrassments on my part, although being put on a ‘waiting list’ for a bicycle parking space annoyed me – it’s not like I was trying to get a table at Flat Iron in Soho on a Saturday night at 7:30pm?In other news I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks episode of Broadchurch – thank god for its return to form after a muddled second series. Also I would highly recommend a trip to the Evan’s and Peel Detective Agency in Earl’s Court if you fancy a side of sleuthing with your Friday night drinks. Tucked away in a side street, and in WEST LONDON of all places, this speakeasy will easily charm you.Finally, although the flirtation of spring is lovely, the warmer weather makes me incredibly nervous that confusing coat season is upon us. Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears –you need something not too hot and not too cold. But I find that something just right is painfully hard to come by, and the odds are that the moment you find the perfectly chic lightweight companion – the weather will turn against you and become too hot. Spring coat suggestions welcome …


About to graduate from University, excited for intrepid adventures into the real world

This week Susannah has escaped the library during university Spring break, and is seeking the cultural delights of Rome, she will be back with us next week :-)