FAULT Magazine, Fiorucci & Five Guys

Wednesday evening this week Emily, Max and I donned our 'trendiest but not trying too hard' outfits and crossed the river into Central London.Our main destination was the FAULT magazine 10 year anniversary party - very trendy indeed as FAULT are all about collaborating with the world's leading artists in film, fashion and music - have a look at their recent photo shoot with Paloma Faith on the day the Sahara Desert turned London's sky orange 👌👌.  The party was great fun, no canapés but Bull Dog Gin gin & tonics, ice lollies by Beltane & Pop and lots of art from the magazine to keep us entertained including a picture of Barbie wearing a Burqa.  The night ended in Mahiki, which terrified me slightly, but off we went and had a lovely time, who knew but Mahiki does great food, not just overpriced cocktails.Prior to having a super night with FAULT we decided to check out Fiorucci's fairly new shop on Brewer Street in Soho as we were venturing into London proper.  Someone had alerted me to prospect of purchasing a glitter latte - yes yes, I know - as Fiorucci are currently collaborating with Palm Vaults, a coffee shop in Hackney that serves pink lattes..Off we went to enjoy the excitement of the Fiorucci shop. Fiorucci was originally founded in 1967 by Elio Fiorucci, with the first store in Milan and the first 'overseas' store opened on the King's Road in London in 1975. Fiorucci invented the stretch jean, allegedly after he saw some girls emerging from the sea in soaking wet jeans and decided a close fit was necessary.  The brand was sold in 2015 and relaunched this year and I love everything about it.  WWD described their launch party as "The kind of party that many brands would kill for: achingly cool, outrageously oversubscribed and lots of fun". The shop lives up to all expectations, it's just fun - with rails of brightly coloured clothing in vintage styles - there was a strong 80s vibe - with wet look jeans in electric blue, puffa style jackets and velour skirts in jewel colours - basically I want everything and even more I want to have an 80s party and Fiorucci to lend me all their clothes. The whole shop seems to be staffed by models, however they were very nice and let us try on some of these wonderful creations.  The least exciting part was the glitter latte, it was fairly glittery, but it was expensive and I really would not recommend opting for the Rose Velvet latte, pretty unpleasant - just stick to a flat white (Palm Vaults I still love you.) Max was utterly bemused by the entire experience - what is this place and what are we doing here...😂In between we stopped for a burger at Five Guys - I like this place, super speedy and the spicy chips are excellent. You order a basic burger or hotdog for £7.25 (bit more expensive than Maccy D's) and then you have the choice of 15 topping - 15!  Such fun.It was a lovely evening all in all, and thank you so much FAULT for having us.

Alice xxx


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