Hong Kong

We have arrived back in London (the first flight into Heathrow ✈️ on Sunday morning, VERY early), and my new flying coping strategy is audio books - far more effective than films - I got through some Kipling, Graham Greene and Chekov 📚 (ok I did doze off a number of times) it's so much easier to forget you are very high up in the air when someone is reading you a story.  And we flew out on a Dreamliner ✈️ and back on an Airbus A380 ✈️(the double decker one) so Max was very happy 😉.The trip was super exciting 😃, I loved seeing both cities - they were just so different, calm and collected Seoul 🏯 versus bustling, hectic and high rise Hong Kong 🌆, and of course the temperature change was so bizarre, -2 degrees in Seoul ⛄️❄️, to 23 degrees in Hong Kong ☀️!  I am missing the warm weather just a tiny bit, but it is very nice to be home.  And I am appreciating London all the more - apartments in Hong Kong are super tiny and the buildings are tightly packed in 🏢 making it all rather claustrophobic, it feels quite strange to be back in Wandsworth with the common 🌳 just round the corner and not a skyscraper in sight.Hong Kong 🌆 grew on me whilst I was there, it is a fairly overwhelming place to start with 🙉, but once you get into the swing of it, it really is very exciting, there is so much going on, and such a buzz.  The city is a mass of skyscrapers built almost on top of each other, stretching as far as the eye can see, and many of them are a tad shabby.  I did love the way the roads are built inbetween the skyscrapers, they weave in and around, up and down, almost like roller coasters 🎢criss-crossing each other constantly.  I had also not expected it to be so tropical and really enjoyed the many palms trees 🌴 and other foliage everywhere.  We took a fun hike up to the peak 🗻, a hike in the New Territories which I loved 🌺 and a quick swim in the South China Sea 🌊.  We ate very very well 😃🍴, thanks to a list of places to eat from a friend - lots and lots of fish, including some amazing sushi 🐟.And of course I took a few photos too. 😊Alice xxximg_3419img_3440img_3423img_3394img_3403img_3500img_3457img_3458img_3461img_3467img_3475img_3481img_3488img_3501img_3612img_3618img_3502img_3553img_3552img_3510img_3559img_3564img_3572