Time for an Adventure

It is about time for another adventure, particularly as the weather is getting colder and drearier by the day ⛄️ in London.Tomorrow I am flying to South Korea for a wedding 👰 and I am just SO excited!!I have never been to Asia 🎎, so this really is a big adventure, and I can't wait.The one thing I am not looking forward to are the flights ✈️.  I am one of those people that just doesn't enjoy flying.  It's not the discomfort, I'm small and the lack of space doesn't bother me too much (but if you do want to upgrade me to Business Class, I'm totally happy with that 😃).  It's the irrational fear of being cooped up in a aluminium box, suspended 30,000 feet in the sky for 11 whole hours.  There is part of my brain that knows this is just wrong, the ground is a very very long way away 😳.And it really is an irrational fear, however many times you tell me I am far more likely to come to a sticky ending crossing the road in London, than fall out of the sky in an aeroplane, I still can't quite rid of the feeling that the whole process is terrifyingly unnatural 🙈.It starts to build a couple of days before, gets worse at the airport going through security, I hate all that unnecessary waiting around.  The worse bit is take off ✈️, as you watch the ground getting further and further away, in the absolute knowledge that there is nothing you can do for the next 11 hours except sit tight.  I'm actually totally fine in-flight, but if there is turbulence please do not expect me to be making polite conversation with you 🙉.  And I like the landing part, as it means firm ground is getting closer all the time.  Although don't get me started on flights that circle above the destination runway 'waiting' to land.To be honest, it's rather frustrating, as although I am excited to be going away and I know it is going to be fun when I arrive in the country, the very beginning of a holiday is always overshadowed by this flying malarkey 😳✈️✈️.  And of course, as the holiday ends, there is only one way home, back on that plane again.   If only we could disapparate and apparate like Harry Potter 🔮 (sadly I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter).I have once refused to get on a flight, but that was a while ago.  And the thing is, if you don't fly, you don't get to see so many exciting things 🏰⛺️🗻🌇.  So the best thing I find is to not look out of the window, pretend you are on a long train journey and get stuck into a good book, and I'm sure I'll watch a couple of films.Packing is done and it has been super fun deciding what to take.  After completely ignoring mutterings about taking a 'capsule wardrobe' I have basically packed for two holidays, a winter wedding in a very chilly Korea, and then onto humid Hong Kong for a short stop after.  A fur scarf and a bikini have both made it into my suitcase, along with a number of other sparkly items and only six pairs of shoes... 😘I have decided to do the same as Tresco, I'm going to post one photo a day on the blog for the time I am in Korea, although I suspect it is going to be a hard choice!!So, I will catch up with you again on Thursday once we have arrived in Seoul, and definitely keep an eye on my instagram.Alice xxximg_2897img_2901