A Little Seoul Shopping

When I first arrived in Seoul I got a little over excited about the clothes, everyone is so well put together 💄👠👗👘👙.  I decided it was important to check out the shopping situation, so we had a wander around Lotte Department store and the Hongdae area.I discovered SO many exciting clothes, from many brands I didn't recognise - at the moment they are really into their fur, there is fur everywhere - and a powder pink coat with a fur collar seems to be the item you need right now.  I didn't buy one... but I was just so tempted 💕💕💕💗💓.Outside in the streets it got all kitsch 🎀 and fun - multi coloured candy floss was a highlight 🍡.  And we recovered at a dessert cafe 🍧, they have cafes just for pudding, I have no idea why don't they have these in London 🍦🍧🎂🍰.Alice xxximg_3249img_3247img_3253img_3251img_3284img_3261 img_3319img_3318img_3262img_3269img_3292img_3298 img_3240img_3241 img_3242img_3384 img_3370