Art Exhibitions, May & June

There is lots of exciting art on show in London at the moment, and I thought I would share four exhibitions featuring British artists I will be visiting during May and June.Alice xxx

Christopher Brown

Michal Parkin Fine Art at the Art Workers' Guild

6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London

24th - 27th May 2017

I am a big fan of Christopher Brown's linocuts, and an archive of his work is currently being exhibited at the Art Workers' Guild.  Christopher studied at the Royal College of Art, where he met and later assisted Edward Bawden.  I love his fun, often quirky , and always amusing images in sharp black and white linocut.  There is so much to see in this exhibition and original prints to buy - and the Art Workers' Guild is a really fascinating place to visit.  Definitely pop in!

Jo Vollers

54 The Gallery

54 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London

22nd - 27th May

Jo paints beautifully vibrant works in acrylic and oil, her paintings sit between figurative and abstraction - I absolutely love her use of colour.  She is exhibiting at 54 the Gallery until Saturday 27th May.

Nina Baxter

Royal Arts Prize at La Galleria Pall Mall

 5b Pall Mall Street, Royal Opera Arcade

30th May - 10th June

Nina Baxter paints the most incredible large scale, painstakingly detailed geometric abstract works in harmonious colours.  Nina's work will be on the show at La Galleria Pall Mall as part of the Royal Arts Prize, her works draw inspiration from landscape, architecture, photography and music.  Pop along to see her new works and get lost in these amazing interactions of shape and colour.

Minty Sainsbury

Minty Sainsbury will also be exhibiting as part of the Royal Arts Prize - her architectural drawings are really splendid 😍 🙏.

Jill Barklem

The Illustration Cupboard

 22 Bury Street, St James's, London

10th May - 3rd June

A little trip down memory lane, The Illustration Cupboard are currently displaying the original artwork by Jill Barklem for the Brambley Hedge books.  There are also many many beautiful illustrations in the this jam packed gallery, many from favourite childrens books, absolutely worth a visit.

The Other Art Fair London

I went to The Other Art Fair last week for the first time.  It was greatly enjoyable and there were lots of very affordable works of art by artists in all sorts of mediums.  I picked up a number of artist's business cards, my eyes always seem to wander to the brightly coloured ones, and decided that they were so pretty and fun, they deserved some hanging time of their own.  So I made a collage and stuck them onto the wall 😍.  Below you can see the names of the artists and what I thought about some of them (Sorry for the slightly erratic numbering!!)Alice xxx


1. Michael Wallner, 2.Robynne Limoges, 3.Vicky Barranguet, 4.Emma Rose, 12.Rennie Pilgrem, 14. Lucia Moran Giracca

13. Sandy Dooley

Sandy paints with acrylic on canvas and I really love her use of colour - her studio is based in her garden in Kent, and the colours and themes of her paintings tend to follow the seasons, and she paints outdoors as much as she can which I think is wonderful 😃.


5.Joanne Hummel-Newall, 6. Cecile Van Hanja, 7.Marit Geraldine Bostad, 8.Joanne Hummel-Newall, 9. Gillian Hyland, 20. Tammy Mackay

11.John Hainsworth

I really like John Hainsworth's very small scale paintings of unusual architectural forms in abstract landscapes all in muted tones.  They were all hung closely together and looked superb, he does large paintings too.


15.Gillian Hyland, 16.Aliette Bretal, 17. Bridget Davies, 28.Cecile Van Hanja, 29.Minty Sainsbury, 30.Louise Fairchild, 31.Victoria Topping, 32. Geraldine Swayne

27.Fei Alexeli

I am a big fan of Fei Alexeli's work - both her collages, in which palm trees have made it into outer space, and her slightly otherworldly photography.


18.Hermione Carline, 19. Valentina Loffredo, 20.Tim Fowler, 22.Stephen Anthony Davids, 23a.Nadia Attura, 23b.Augusti Viladesau, 24. Etienne Clement, 25. Tim Fowler

26.Minty Sainsbury

Minty's drawings were some of my favourite in the show.  She initially trained as an architect, and l absolutely love her detailed drawings of buildings and monuments.

Artists altogether 😊

And some photos from the show with Graeme Messer's works ✌️