Another Wednesday

Yesterday I took a trip to the Saatchi Gallery 🎨, and had lunch in Le Pain Quotidien 🍞 with Rosanna and we spoke all about the wonderful lamps 💡 she makes.  I am going to tell you more about this in a separate post - but for a quick sneak preview check out her instagram @rosanna_lonsdale 💡, I just love the hummingbird 🐦 one!The Saatchi Gallery 🎨 was weird and wonderful (isn't it always), and I had a quick roam about.  It's all about women 👩👧👵 at the moment, and I liked Sandra Chevrier's painting 'La Cage se Laissant Absorber par une Nuit Réconfortante' - part of the XX: A Moment in Time exhibition of works by female graffiti 💹 and street artists 💟, from around the world 🌎.  The main exhibition Champagne Life was not terribly awe-inspiring, although I enjoyed Sigrid Holmwood's paintings, which have a hint of Matisse about them, with some impressionism thrown in - in bright bright florescent 💛💚colours.  I do love a good fluoro.  And I took a selfie with a large parakeet... 🐔However, really the best thing about the Saatchi is the gift shop 🍭✏️💝- they have many great things - but not TOO many, this key to a satisfactory gift shop experience.  I also highly recommend their card 💌 selection, they hit a very good note - not too crude 💩, not too many fluffy animals 🐶🐼 - just suitable messages and fun designs.I finished the day in Humble Grape 🍇which has lots of wines 🍷🍷that I wasn't drinking, but Alex who I was with knows a great many things about wine 🍷and had a lovely Rosso di Montalcino which she tells me is excellent 😊.  Humble Grape 🍇 is a really super little wine bar, with many wines and you can order things like biltong 🐗 and baked camembert 🍮 to eat.  James who was running late, rang ahead and asked us to order him a burger 🍔❌ and a glass of malbec 🍷❌ (neither on the menu, the malbec only comes by the bottle, not the glass) but if you are wanting an evening of good wine and substantial comforting eats this is the place 😊.Alice xxxIMG_2485IMG_2502IMG_2495IMG_2499IMG_2500IMG_2501IMG_2516