Another Palace, some Lunch and a Protest

Yesterday was really very exciting, it snowed 😍, we went to visit Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hee Yon got married and look absolutely beautiful, and there was a huge protest against the President.I have decided to give you a photo update, as I thought perhaps really you ought to see Seoul 😊, the one photo thing is proving much too hard!!Alice xxximg_3036img_3064img_3071img_3094img_3084-2img_3047img_3237img_3057img_3226 

Arrived in Seoul!

So we have made it to Seoul!My body is a little confused by the time right now, day night, night day, day night - and I am definitely tired.This afternoon we had our nails painted, girls mainly although some boys did join in, I chose blue glittery and silver, obviously, so fun!And then had a lovely very yummy dinner, including a little soju and plum wine drunk in shot glasses, and met the other wedding goers 😃.Alice xxximg_2921