What Is A Blog?

Over the last week and the many Christmas festivities I have been asked a number of times in a variety of different ways 'Where are you working at the moment?'.People love this question, often they want to know the answer, so they can happily and safely put you in a box.But I fear I have been causing some confusion.  When asked this I tend to start off with, 'I work in a bookshop', this is easy to process, and then 'I also work for an online clothing company' also fairly easy to understand.Then I size them up and make a calculated decision as to whether they can handle 'And I also write a blog'.The thing is, reactions tend to vary from one extreme to the other, sometimes an excited 'I also write one!' or 'Where can I find it?' to the fearful, technology challenged response 'Oh I can't keep up with The Facebook and all that twittering', to the polite but I think blogging is a load of nonsense, move the conversation on of 'gosh how interesting, and what are your sisters up to at the moment?'.My absolute favourite reaction so far has been 'So you're a bit like a Kardashian?' (I mean, the thing is, no, I'm just not.  I've never had a fake tan, nor does my name begin with K and I don't have a reality TV show - I'm really quite far off Kimye, but it's an interesting thought 😘).However, the question I do get over and over again is 'What exactly is a blog?', so I thought I would do some helpful explaining:

  • A blog is a curated personal journal that exists on the internet and which anyone can read.
  • The word blog comes from 'Web Log', and essentially is your own website that you update on an ongoing basis, I use the platform WordPress to do just this.
  • Blogs are often themed - cooking and beauty feature highly - but you can find one on almost any topic, if racing cars are your thing, you are sure to find a good one.
  • Blogs are a good way of keeping in touch with people at home when you are travelling - an easily accessible travel journal.
  • Blogging is free - for better or for worse - you are free to write about what you want, when you want and how you want, and it doesn't cost you a penny.   I never have a specified angle as I am just writing for me, anything or anyone I feature I am genuinely enthusiastic about and like very much.
  • Blogging is private to an extent - as with any personal platform on the internet you decide how much your followers do or don't see.  I wouldn't like you to think that I am giving you a false view point, it's just that it is of course important to keep certain aspects private.  However if there are things you would like to know, please ask away!

What I love about blogging

  • Research, I love researching for posts and greatly enjoy learning things along the way
  • An excuse to take photos, ok I love instagram too, but it's a very good place to document goings on
  • Meeting people, I have met many fascinating people, and love hearing their stories
  • Sharing stories of the people I meet and write about, and hopefully inspiring my readers!
  • Creative outlet, I am interested in so many things, the blog is an excellent place to bring them together and display them

So, if you sit next to someone at dinner this eve and they tell you they write a blog - do ask them what it's about and where you can find it, and don't seize up terror at the thought of having a conversation about The Web.  Even my Grandmother who is nearing 90 understands the concept, she is often asking when I will have a new blog on The Net - really its not so hard 😉.And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I will see you in 2017, and thank you for sticking with me all this year, there is lots more to come 😍Alice xxx