A Katherine Hooker Coat, Please

Today I wanted to talk about coats, not #ThatCoat you will be relieved to hear, but as winter really is coming, it seemed a good time to share my general coat musings.(The thing is Zara, you are always very reliable, but sometimes a knock-off Chanel coat is just not enough, and your sizings can be a little dodgy.)What I have been yearning for is a well-made, properly fitting coat - the type that instantly adds elegance to an outfit.  To be honest I'm not sure anything beats a really good coat.  It is the item of clothing you wear the most in the winter, and more importantly the one people see you wearing the most.  I find putting on the right coat in the morning helps me to start the day in the right frame of mind.  And when leaving the office after a long day of work, a good coat is always reassuring - even if you don't feel so sparky, you know you look respectable.  I always think, if you can go to a winter drinks party and leave your coat on (not because what you have underneath is disastrous) but because the coat is exactly the right fit and weight, then you have found THE coat.The place to go for a good coat is Katherine Hooker, discovering her website really was love at first sight, her coats are the very best.  If you are able to look at her website and not fall in love with at least one of her creations I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.They really are the most beautiful, graceful and elegant designs - a coat that will make you happy every morning.  You will, I'm afraid, need to move the decimal point on a Zara price tag at least one place to the right.  But it will be well worth it, these really are coats you can wear anywhere, The Duchess of Cambridge is a big fan and Taylor Swift has been spotted in one.I couldn't pick just one (although the Contrast Coat in pink is currently winning - just look at that taupe collar, and I have always wanted a pale pink coat) - so I have chosen a few below - the Buxton Coat is the epitome of elegance, and the Jackson Coat in cream is so Audrey Hepburn - I love the way the buttons are to one side, and check out the colour contrast Jackson Coat, in comes in charcoal and red too.I have also included some frivolous coats below, some fun for whilst you are are saving up for your Katherine Hooker coat.. 😍😉Alice xxxKatherine Hooker Coats:contrast-coat-pink-front_grandejackson-jacket-cream_grandebuxton-coat-k931-black-wool_grandekambi-coat-red_grandejackson-coat-cream_grandeAnd in the meantime:

Whistles - Helvin Cow Shearling Jacket - £995


Petit Bateau - Raincoat - £132


Paper London - Serena Coat - £300


Rejina Pyo - Kate Oversized Belted Coat - £699


Rejina Pyo - Imogen Coat - £589


Zara - Metallic Quilted Jacket - £59.99


Miss Selfridge - Leopard Faux Fur Coat - £62.30


Claudie Pierlot - Gatino Coat - £600


Reiss - Franklin Cloud Belted Coat - £265


Monsoon - Nikita Jacquard Jacket - £69


Uterque - Waistcoat Cape - £215


Matthew Williamson - Rainbow Black Fox Fur Jacket - £2,995

multi-fur-short_1And River Island currently have a range of leather jackets with fur trims which will make you look like the Rum Tum Tugger from Cats.... 😉 

Winter Style List

The cold has crept upon us quite suddenly, I'm sure I was wearing shorts last week, and now layering on the jumpers in the evening.  No matter, it is clearly the perfect time to choose some winter staples and wrap up warm in style.  Below are the things I would like to be wearing all winter ❄️❄️❄️

Alice xxx

J Crew Chateau Parka £365


Paul Smith Giraffe Wool Scarf £135


Saint Laurent Army Fur Trimmed Ankle Boots £535


Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Sunglasses


Wishing For

Guy Field Bespoke Shirts

unnamed-6 I recently met Christopher Field who set up his bespoke shirt making company Guy Field London, in 2014.It was fascinating to speak with Christopher about the development of his business and the process of producing the perfect shirt.  Having worked previously for Thomas Pink in sales, and then going on to develop Emmett London's made-to-measure department he has a firm understanding of the industry and clients expectations.  In October 2014 he launched his own company, Guy Field, with the aim of producing the very best bespoke shirts in London, with an exceptional client experience.Christopher is first and foremost a craftsman, he is an expert in the intricate details of bespoke shirt making, and personally oversees each shirt Guy Field produces from start to finish.He explained the process to me.  Christopher will first discuss with each client what they are looking for, what occasion the shirt it for, if it is for work or for play.  He will then suggest some fabrics, he has around 2,500 - 3000 fabrics available, so there is a good amount of choice, Thomas Mason and Canclini are firm favourites.  Trimmings are also decided on at this point, mother of pearl buttons mainly, but there is a plastic choice for vegans.  Every shirt is personal, and it is up to the client, with guidance from Christopher, to decide on the fabric they feel most comfortable in, that is most suitable for the occasion.   Robust fabrics such as an Oxford last around eight to nine years depending on lifestyle, cotton silks are more delicate.  Most importantly all his fabrics are high quality, and good fabrics improve over time.Once a decision has been made, he takes at least 12 measurements, along with photos, capturing a persons 'angles' and posture to ensure the very best fit.  At this point precise details are imperative and this is when the craftsman's knowledge is most important.   The fit on the elbows on a shirt, for instance, has to be exactly right so that the shirt does not wear through.  Every fabric makes up slightly differently, so it is also essential to take into consideration the final fabric to be used at this point.  Christopher is very happy to come to you to take the measurements, or you can visit his office near Farringdon.Once all the necessary measurements have been taken, a paper pattern is created which is sent to Italy, and a test shirt is quickly made up in basic poplin.  This shirt is then fitted on the client and any adjustments are made - this could be adding half a centimetre to the length, or changing the pitch of the sleeve.  The paper pattern is then modified, and the shirts will be cut from this final pattern in the workshop in Italy.The shirt will take four to five weeks to make.  Each shirt is made with single needle stitching, which is far stronger than double needle stitching, and the buttons are all attached by hand.  Once the shirt is ready a final fitting will take place to ensure the fit it perfect.  Further shirts can then be made from your unique paper pattern.There is no minimum order at Guy Field, so if you decide you need a shirt for a specific occasion, Christopher is very happy to produce this for you.  His website www.guyfield.com is the perfect first point of contact, it is fresh and easy to use, with drawings done by Christopher himself, it elevates a very traditional practice into the 21st century.When he started out, Christopher already knew his preferred fabric mills, and started by sourcing samples from workshops and production houses in both the UK and Italy, eventually settling on a workshop in Italy.  90% of cotton mills are based in Italy, and they tend to produce garments with a more stylistic take on design.Christopher is a highly knowledgeable shirtmaker, but he is also an artist, and spoke about his enjoyment of fashion.  He has a wealth of experience working with a clients on bespoke shirts in traditional cuts and fabrics, but he is also open to new ideas.  He is currently developing a brightly coloured patterned fabric to be made up into a traditional shirt design for a client.  And I was also delighted to discover that not only can you have your shirt monogrammed, your initials or name sewn on, you can also have your buttons monogrammed.His client base is international and requests are hugely varied.  The Englishman does tend to like things that last, the Oxford is incredibly popular, with a robust weave and good structure it lasts for a long time.  But he has recently made up shirts in baby aertex, a lattice weaved cotton and also some shirts in raw Japanese denim.  It seems that once people are confident with the fit, they are willing to try something a bit different.Since October 2014, Guy Field has since gone from strength to strength.  Christopher has branched out into made-to-measure suits and also produces a range of accessories - his silk ties are for the man who 'enjoys wearing an Hermes tie'.  His ultimate aim is to produce a ready-to-wear collection, a range appropriate for his clients.I greatly enjoyed learning about the shirt making process from Christopher, and hugely appreciate the time, dedication and precision in creating the finer details of a bespoke shirt.  It was really exciting to learn that many men really do still favour a properly fitted shirt, women's clothing has sadly moved so far away from this.  And that Guy Field as a highly successful new business is moving forward with this craft, continuing with the very traditional practice of bespoke shirt making, and ensuring it is very much relevant in the 21st century.Alice xxxwww.guyfield.comanatomy_of_a_guy_field_london_shirt_2048x2048unnamedimg_9601     unnamed-3img_9615img_4273unnamed-4unnamed-7img_9617img_9608unnamed-2unnamed-8Some favourites of the moment from Christopher:

 Fabric: Brushed cotton from Canclini, a perfect fabric for a cold dayFashion Designer: Brunello CucinelliLooking at: Paul Cezanne's late work - hard to pick just one artwork!Reading:  Stalingrad, Antony BeevoorWatching: Cafe Society, Woody AllenEating and drinking out: At the SavoyEnjoying London: Anywhere that serves decent gelatoInspiring place: Italy, for the sense of style and historyParallel universe career: Restauranteur

Wednesday Wish List

Tresco in a Coco Fennell Dress

Some photos for Monday 💕💖😃They were taken on the walkway to the bird hide on Tresco, in the Scilly Isles.I am wearing a Coco Fennell dress -  I am a big fan of Coco's dresses, they are super cute and fun, and she makes them all herself - I currently have my eye on her Pineapple dress 😍.  And her instagram is a must follow 😘Alice xxxPhotographs taken by Emily BrayIMG_6186IMG_6171IMG_6175IMG_6184IMG_6197IMG_6209  IMG_6216 IMG_6218  IMG_6220 IMG_6221

Wish List

This week I have got a little over excited and have gone for some fabulous clashing metallics 😍💖 Happy Wednesday 🙌🏻Alice xxx

Matthew Williamson Gold Liquid Sequin Feather Dress £3,495

Because it really is the very best party dress. Sequins AND feathers.

Rosita Bonita Seashell Stud Earrings £34

I love Rosita's pieces - they are made from leather and are super light

Nic Loves Pink Mermaid Festival Face Pack £22

And just incase you actually want to be a mermaid...

Sophia Webster Claudie Pom Pom Bag £525

This exists - and I just really want it

Tresco Abbey Garden

So when we were in Tresco we also took a few photos in the Abbey Garden 🌳.  This garden is one of my favourite places, you can wander about and get completely lost, and you continuously come across more and more exciting flowers and trees🌺🌴.  Due to the climate (it doesn't get too cold) they can grow all sorts of tropical plants, there are palm trees galore, and many bright flowers, and ferns.We took some photos - and I have to admit, I think the yellow Zara dress 💛 is great, but the blue Toyshades sunglasses 💙 and topknot are a little harsh with the outfit.  The shoes are my Topshop pompoms shoes 🔵.  But it was fun, and the yellow dress worked wonderfully, and we got some lovely photos of the garden 🌳.Alice xxxPhotos taken by Sarah BrayIMG_9985 IMG_9994 IMG_0002IMG_0019IMG_9980 IMG_0033 IMG_0041

The Caradoc - Leather Stationery

28c3bf42b36e80d514838172b0cdf847I spent a super morning recently with Alice Henderson, who is the creator behind the luxury leather stationery company The Caradoc.Alice's initial idea when planning her business was to create beautiful leather stationery for every day living, both useful and stylish pieces to help organise your life.  Alice admits she has a stationery obsession, and loves to both buy and organise her stationery, so really it seemed only logical to create her own.  Her background is in garment technology, she did an HND in Fashion Technology and has been working as a garment technologist since, so she does know a thing or two about materials and how they are put together.What she has achieved, is something most people spend their days dreaming about.  At age 28 she has launched her own business (whilst working in a full time job) and achieved her initial aim - the production of luxe leather stationery pieces,  exquisitely made from the most gorgeous leather which are thoroughly useful and functional.  I am still in awe of her notebook design (I have a great love of a good notebook) - the leather 'book' is both a refillable notebook and a diary, you slide the paper into the inside leather flaps of the outer cover, and there is a dividing leather leaf in-between the diary section and the notebook section, the perfect two in one.  I'm not sure my explanation really does it justice - so please have a look at it hereThere are currently six pieces in her collection, the refillable notebook diary, a pencil case or make-up bag, a laptop case, a pouch or clutch, a card holder and a key ring, and they are all made from the softest spanish bulls leather and lined in a thick cotton.It is her attention to detail in the design that really makes each one of these a joy to own.  The quality of leather, the thickness of the cotton, the sturdy zip, each piece has been hand-made and finished with real care, they are made to last forever.  And the pieces are instantly stylish.  In black, with gold details,  a chevron detail on the zip pull, and with the name 'The Caradoc' elegantly gold stamped on each piece, they easily become an every day staple, seamlessly fitting in with your current wardrobe.Alice drew up the specs for the pieces herself, first creating paper mock-ups.  The leather pieces are made in a tiny factory in London, she sources the leather and trimmings herself, and the girls at the factory create the items from her specs.  She has done a lot of research into the best leather, linings and trimmings to use, always ensuring, above all else, that the quality is the very best.  The first few samples just weren't quite right, it was rather nerve-racking to start with, but she honed the details, and has been very strict about how exactly the pieces are put together, and now has her six perfected items.  She was tempted to make other types of stationery, but has currently stuck with her capsule collection - the six pieces you really do need in your life.  She would like to eventually go into other colours with a tan and a dark green next on her list.I own the 'Beatty' pouch, and I am not sure what I was doing before it came into to my life (actually I do, I was endlessly scrabbling around at the bottom of my handbag looking for keys, wallet etc).  This pouch has a divider in the middle and a small pocket on the side - perfect for organising everyday bits and pieces.  It fits easily into a handbag, or can be used as a clutch bag on it's own.  I find it absolutely ideal to use when popping out for lunch at work, or when I want to ditch my handbag in the evening and just use a clutch - everything I need is already neatly organised inside.  The leather really is super soft, and it both looks and feels luxurious.  And surprisingly for me (I don't really do black) it has fitted so easily in with my wardrobe that it actually feels like the piece I have been needing for a long time, an elegant black clutch that goes with everything.Leather 'stationery' crosses the boundaries between fashion accessory and stationery which I think is rather marvellous - items designed to both help organise your life and look the part.  I often think these items are very personal choices - the wallet you pull out of you handbag every day, the notebook  you use in meetings - particularly as they are always on show.  To find something elegant and unassuming can be no mean feat, and The Caradoc really does fill that gap, any of the items would look entirely respectable at a meeting or interview.  And I really do think it satisfies both the stationary lover and the fashion lover, men and women and the price range is certainly far kinder than Smythson 😉.  I am completely infatuated,  I think next on my list will just have to be a laptop case...So because the stationery is just so wonderful, we are offering 40% off with the code ALICEFRANCES on the website www.thecardoc.com across all products.  Happy perusing and shopping 😍Alice xxx 837828bf73e0659512ee6576810e2d5d50661ede080f08070e5d94a4cd8fee92a5d0c88694643f7b77db06b9bff67f0c 96446fa88a2dd5f4402955baa20a085698225279dcf444bc1bbdc93b2bf956b17ed265c8084805e7e85925e8005f640a

Wishing List

Wish List Wednesday

I do spend a lot of time window shopping, and browsing, and trying things on and wishing, so I thought I would share with you a couple of pieces a week that I am rather hoping might somehow find their way into my wardrobe.I'm going to do a Wednesday post, but they will also be on the blog home page, at the bottom next to instagram (incase you want to take a peak again 😉).So here goes:Super cute Zara embroidered jeans £39.99JUST so great - just above the ankle jeans with hummingbirds and roses on - and they FIT PROPERLY.  The perfect summer jean. Vilagallo jacket with silver metallic thread and fluoro detailing £169I am secretly hoping this will magically appear in my wardrobe (it's in the sale and all) - it has silver metallic thread running through it,  the fluoro detail is subtle and fun, and it has an animal pattern lining.  I would like to wear it with a pink skirt to a wedding 😘Claudie Pierlot metallic bag WITH fringing 😍 £209This is great - I really love a small handbag - silver AND fringing.So much love for these Topshop metallic and feather sandals £49I know I've already featured these this week - but they are really quite fun.  I would quite like to stash them in my wardrobe - I'm certain they will be useful for fancy dress.. one day... you can never go to too many fancy dress parties 💕Alice xxx

The Mean Blues - Selfridges Shoe Hall

Holly Golightly: You know those days when you get the mean reds? Paul Varjak: The mean reds, you mean like the blues?Holly Golightly: 'No. The blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you're afraid and you don't know what you're afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?'Paul Varjak: 'Sure.'Holly Golightly: 'Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name!'Breakfast at TiffanysI rather agree with Audrey 👧, sometimes, when you are lacking inspiration, a beautiful shop is the only place to while away the time.  Occasionally I love nothing better than roaming a department store and having a look at all the wonderful things on display.  I have mentioned my love of Selfridges before - but really it is the best, you can pick things up and have a closer look to your hearts content, it's almost like being in a very cool gallery 🎨.  Without the intent to buy, I often get drawn to all sorts of weird and wonderful specimens.Today I headed to the Selfridges Shoe Hall 👠👟 and found an array of delights.  There was so much sparkle, and so many outrageous heels - Sophia Webster and Aquazurra, along with some very good high street deals in the sale - Kurt Geiger, Carvela and River Island.  However, it was the trainers that eventually got me, I am sucker for trainers, and I may have now added Reebok's to my collection....but they really are divine... I think a modern day Holly Golightly would approve 😘.Alice xxxIMG_8519IMG_8528IMG_8529IMG_8531IMG_8534IMG_8535IMG_8538IMG_8540IMG_8541IMG_8542IMG_8543IMG_8547IMG_8548IMG_8550IMG_8551IMG_8553IMG_8560IMG_8559IMG_8557IMG_8562IMG_8564IMG_8574IMG_8567IMG_8566IMG_8571

Edwina Elkington, Milliner 👒

1449057242436I recently had a really fun breakfast with Edwina Elkington, a British milliner based in London.  Edwina is one of those people who has a real sense of style, she is always dressed impeccably in chic outfits.  She is also a lot of fun with boundless energy, and a passion for crafting elegant and beautiful hats.Edwina's hats are really quite cool - she tends to work with velour felt, and her current collection is made up of elegant, luxurious hats, in gorgeous colours.  They are works of art, beautifully crafted and structurally impressive, with delightful details including felt bows and trimmings and feathers attached jauntily to headbands.  Her designs are contemporary, but the hats are timeless and most importantly they are wearable.  The Charlotte hat is your answer to the wedding season,  the Chloe is the finishing touch to your 'weekend in the countryside' outfit, and you could pair the Tamara hat with jeans one day, with a smart dress the next.  And I just love the Gaby hat - it is ideal for a winter wedding.Edwina's favourite hat from her current collection is the Cosima hat - she has made both a grey and a blue version.  Grey is her current colour, she is enjoying incorporating the cool neutral tone into her designs.  I particularly like her bold use of colour, with trimmings to match - the hats are both understated and incredibly stylish.Edwina's love for making hats began when she made head pieces for a fashion show at the V & A, as part of a Costume Design course at Wimbledon College of Arts.  Inspired by this experience she went on to do a two year Millinery course in Leeds.  She spent the summer interning for the designer Gina Foster, who she says has been a big inspiration, and once she graduated spent 6 months working for the creatively flamboyant Louis Marriette.  She has also recently gained a distinction in her DGA (diamond diploma), and hopes to incorporate diamond headpieces into future collections.Edwina makes all her hats herself at home in London, and she explained the process of hat making to me -  steaming the felt, stretching it and pinning it over a wooden block (this is in the shape of a head) until the required shape is attained, and then leaving it to set.  Once the felt has dried she adds a lining, Edwina tends to use silk, and next the trimmings are added.  Her fabrics are all bought in Britian - the felt comes from Yorkshire, the trimmings from London.  There can however be hazards to working at home - she once stood on a needle which went horizontally right through her big toe, bizarrely not causing any pain at all and it was only removed after a couple of days - and felt needles are not definitely not small!!Currently she sells them via her website www.edwinaelkington.co.uk, you can choose one of her current designs as is, or in a colour of your choice, or commission something completely unique - she has a lead time of a  3 - 4 of weeks.  She enjoys the process of working with a client to achieve the look they are after, or creating a piece for a specific occasion.  She is very good at knowing what style suits your height and look.  Most of all she enjoys creating something you can keep forever, a timeless piece that you will wear again and again.  Her hats really are an everyday fashion accessory, to be worn and loved like a pair of shoes or a handbag, an essential part of your wardrobe, everyone should own a hat!Eventually she would like to have her own store and be stocked in boutiques - in particular Net-A-Porter.  And she would love to see her hats on the Duchess of Cambridge and The Londoner.It was such a fun morning, I loved learning all about the hat making process, and they really are such fabulous pieces in great colours, definitely have a look at her beautiful website.Alice xxxPhotos by Sophie BolesworthCharlotteChloeCosima detailGabyRosieLouisaLouisa DetailTamara

The Scilly Isles in a Kate Spade Dress

Whilst on the Scilly Isles, we decided to do a mini photo shoot in one of my favourite places - Pentle Bay on Tresco, and I wore a Kate Spade dress.  I can't get enough of Kate Spade - their dresses, handbags, shoes and jewellery are always the most marvellous colours.  I love the jewel tones, and with a few geometric patterns thrown in and a touch of sparkle to add - I always feel like a small child in a sweet shop when I enter a Kate Spade shop, there are just so many exciting things.  I often go in and try things on - they really do know how to cut a dress properly, and once on, each dress feels as though it was made just for you.We cycled down to the beach and I did a hasty change in the sand dunes and we took some photos.  I really like the bright pink of the dress against the calm tones of the sea, sky and sand.Dress, Kate Spade - similar here; Ring, Oliver Bonas; Nail Polish, Barry M.Photographs taken by Sarah Bray and Emily Bray.Alice xxxIMG_6241 IMG_6243 IMG_6247 IMG_6260IMG_6270IMG_6263 IMG_0061 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0071IMG_6237

The Viaduct

As the sun has been shining recently ☀️ - (intermittently) we decided it would be good to take some photos 📷.We headed to the Viaduct 🎢 or the Ouse Valley Viaduct 🚣🎢 to give it, it's proper name - and I may have climbed on it 🙊, I have a feeling this is not allowed - but the photos really do look very good 😃📷.The Viaduct 🎢  is a wonderful feature of the Sussex countryside 🌳 - it is just outside the town of Haywards Heath, and the London to Brighton railway line 🚂runs along the top of it.  If you are travelling from London to Brighton by train 🚂, you want to look out of your window after Three Bridges, and on the approach to Haywards Heath station and you get a fun high up view 🎢.The Viaduct has 37 arches 🎢, each 30 feet high.  What I like most of all, are the semi-circular arches in the supporting piers.  If you go and stand underneath you can look through the middle, from one end to the other 😮.  I love the repeat pattern effect, with the arches getting smaller and smaller and smaller in the distance - it's a really very impressive sight.The Viaduct 🎢 was opened 1841 , and designed by the engineer John Urpeth Rastrick along with David Mocatta.  It is 1,475 feet long and was built using 11 million bricks brought from the Netherlands.There is a footpath that runs under it 🚶 - on the road between Balcombe and Haywards Heath and it is well worth a look.In the photos I am wearing a dress by Lucy Wang 💕, some Toms espadrilles 👟 and a metallic (removable) tattoo by Streak 😘.  The necklace came from a shop in Hove, but I am sadly not sure who made it - if anyway does I would love to know!The photos were taken by Sarah Bray.Alice xxxIMG_0905IMG_0935IMG_0921IMG_0885IMG_0923 IMG_0925IMG_0929IMG_0892IMG_0898IMG_0941

That Coat

IMG_7366I would like to let you know that my blog isn't going to be just about the coat 💙 (and if you've missed that coat - please do have a read - An Epidemic) - but it may now have it's own instagram 📱page @thatcoat 😉...I feel I got quite involved with the coat this week 💁, but I don't actually own one 🙊 (no I'm not being paid by Zara to make the coat go viral, it really doesn't need any help).I thought perhaps I should get to know it better 👧 - so I went to Zara after work to try it on.  The first person I saw in Zara was wearing the coat, so I got a little overexcited (and took a sneaky photo 📷) and then I found the the coat and put it on 💙.And you know what - it's a really nice coat 💙💙💙.  It's a good shape - the pattern is great, and it's not too thick or thin - perhaps THE perfect British 🇬🇧 summer coat.  I did not buy it 💰, but I do like it 😍 (and Zara if you happened to want to give me one, that's just fine, size Small is best ❤️💙😉).  And what I really like that in the last couple of days people have sent messages along the lines of 'off to buy the coat' or 'still buying the coat' and even a nice photo of a just purchased coat in a shopping bag 💙💰.Really well done Zara. What a great coat.I promise from now on, my posts shall not be coat related (but please do keep sending your photos to instagram 📱 @thecoat we're kinda enjoying it 😘 #thatcoat).Alice xxxIMG_7367  

Standen House in a Red Dress

img_1303These photos were taken at Standen House 🏯 in the East Sussex countryside 🌳.  Mummy took the photos 📷 - and I love the combination of the vintage Alice & Co red dress 👗❤️ and Orla Kiely umbrella 🌂with the arts and crafts house and garden 🌲🏠.Standen House 🏯 was completed in 1894 for the Beale family.  Philip Webb was the architect commissioned to lead the project, and the idea was to build a house that looked as though it had always been there 🏰.  It was constructed using local materials and traditional construction methods 🔨 following Arts and Crafts movement.  Webb incorporated the medieval farm buildings 🏡already on the site, as well as drawing on them and the Sussex vernacular and surrounding landscapes for inspiration 👨💡.  Although the design was influenced by the past, the house was built as an up-to-date modern home with central heating 🔥 and electricity 💡.The garden 🏡 was very much part of the design of the house following William Morris's thought that 'a house should be clothed by it's garden' 🏠👗.Alice xxxPhotos by Sarah BrayIMG_1279IMG_1264IMG_1303  IMG_1298   IMG_1308IMG_1309IMG_1313