The Vine Bridge


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I haven’t written a blog for a little while – since January 18th it turns out!

A few changes – I’ve moved over to SquareSpace and I am still finding my way around.

Going forward I am going to be learning and writing about plants, gardens and British craft, enjoying the great outdoors in general and seeking out green spaces in London.

I have also been taking photos with an old Pentax K1000 camera using Velvia 50 film (I am still very much learning). I love the slow pace and focus the Pentax provides – one shot, carefully considered. And then receiving the full films worth of photos, 30 in total, perhaps two or three weeks later.

So, for my first ‘Green Space’ post - here is a photo of me on a bridge taken by Max with the Pentax - I am wearing the most wonderful bold red coat by Eudon Choi from Young British Designers. It was taken last Autumn at High Beeches Gardens, West Sussex, when the trees were beginning to turn their most deepest shades. Behind you can see the beautiful acer palmatum with it’s dark red leaves beginning to fall. The round leather bag is by Paradise Row who make all their bags in East London, I love it.

Alice x