So this happened over the weekend:Friendly young man, 'What are you up to at the moment?'Me,  'I'm actually unemployed.'Not as kind as I thought, young man, 'So is this it, have you retired?'So I would like to make it very clear I HAVE NOT RETIRED - if that is even possible at my age, I'm sure the definition of retirement must include having worked in an actual job for a good many years.I am looking for a full time job. And the thing is, although I am not employed full time, I have been temping for people, so I think I need to change my story.  I looked up 'unemployed' and it's pretty clear:'unemployed(Of a person) without a paid job but available to work:I was unemployed for three monthsSo perhaps I'm only partially unemployed - but maybe the glass should be half full 🍷, and I am 'partially employed'.And I certainly haven't retired although I do appreciate my week day trips to the V & A 🎨 along with the lengthy lunches 🍝 might make me seem like a lady of leisure.I just happen to have been using my time to temp for different interesting companies 💻 and to visit exhibitions 🎨and events I might not normally get the chance to do, and of course write my blog ✏️- which I am very much enjoying.  I even wrote an exhibition review for the Erotic Review Magazine - not my normal reading material (although it is very high-brow 😉), and it was fun visiting the Maitresse exhibition at the Michael Werner Gallery.  Probably the most amusing part of this whole process was the fact that neither my computer at work, nor my phone would allow me to view the article I had written, once published as the security settings thought the website too dodgy 🙊.So I have had lots of time to do all sorts of things, and I haven't once watched Jeremy Kyle (partly because we don't have a TV license) although I did spend a portion of one afternoon eating rather a lot of ice cream 🍧straight from the tub..And in-between all these exciting things, I have applied for some jobs I very much like the look of.The thought of potential full-time employment has made me suddenly panic and start sorting out all those things you are supposed to do when you have time off like go to the dentist, and get your eyes tested, and take things to the dry cleaners.So tomorrow, I am going to do something I have been meaning to do for a while, which is going to cause me a slight amount of distress and put some of my clothes on ebay 😢. And I may take the rabbit for a walk, he's got a bit fat and needs some exercise.... I've been getting some tips from wikipedia: How to walk a Rabbit 🐰😉I thought I'd give you a weekend update in photos ☺️Alice xxxIMG_3840IMG_3843IMG_3803IMG_3870IMG_3808IMG_3810IMG_3813IMG_3816IMG_3831IMG_3834IMG_3871IMG_3852IMG_3860IMG_3863