Lunch with Bumble

Today I hung out with Bumble 🐰❤️, and I feel we have finally bonded - he's really not a bad chap after all.Bumble is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, and he is supposed to be quite small.  But Bumble is not very small, so I decided it was about time he took some exercise.  I didn't use the lead, as he can't get down the big steps into the garden proper and I let him roam about on the 'decking'.  My thoughts were, if he can't escape, and he can't chew through any wires, all must be good.  However, Chatty (Bumble's owner) reminded me of pesky cats who might like to eat him, so sadly Bumble went back to his hutch.  We did however get some fun snaps.He is really rather sweet, a lovely grey colour, and he has huge fluffy back feet.  He was quite tentative to start with, but got more bold over time, even doing some fun sort of bunny 'leaps' and eyeing up the descent into the actual garden.  I think he really needs some bunny friends to play with 💙💗🐰🐰Bumble, we will hang out again soon 😉🐰Alice xxIMG_3897DSCN1502DSCN1504DSCN1509IMG_3898DSCN1512DSCN1508DSCN1517DSCN1519


So this happened over the weekend:Friendly young man, 'What are you up to at the moment?'Me,  'I'm actually unemployed.'Not as kind as I thought, young man, 'So is this it, have you retired?'So I would like to make it very clear I HAVE NOT RETIRED - if that is even possible at my age, I'm sure the definition of retirement must include having worked in an actual job for a good many years.I am looking for a full time job. And the thing is, although I am not employed full time, I have been temping for people, so I think I need to change my story.  I looked up 'unemployed' and it's pretty clear:'unemployed(Of a person) without a paid job but available to work:I was unemployed for three monthsSo perhaps I'm only partially unemployed - but maybe the glass should be half full 🍷, and I am 'partially employed'.And I certainly haven't retired although I do appreciate my week day trips to the V & A 🎨 along with the lengthy lunches 🍝 might make me seem like a lady of leisure.I just happen to have been using my time to temp for different interesting companies 💻 and to visit exhibitions 🎨and events I might not normally get the chance to do, and of course write my blog ✏️- which I am very much enjoying.  I even wrote an exhibition review for the Erotic Review Magazine - not my normal reading material (although it is very high-brow 😉), and it was fun visiting the Maitresse exhibition at the Michael Werner Gallery.  Probably the most amusing part of this whole process was the fact that neither my computer at work, nor my phone would allow me to view the article I had written, once published as the security settings thought the website too dodgy 🙊.So I have had lots of time to do all sorts of things, and I haven't once watched Jeremy Kyle (partly because we don't have a TV license) although I did spend a portion of one afternoon eating rather a lot of ice cream 🍧straight from the tub..And in-between all these exciting things, I have applied for some jobs I very much like the look of.The thought of potential full-time employment has made me suddenly panic and start sorting out all those things you are supposed to do when you have time off like go to the dentist, and get your eyes tested, and take things to the dry cleaners.So tomorrow, I am going to do something I have been meaning to do for a while, which is going to cause me a slight amount of distress and put some of my clothes on ebay 😢. And I may take the rabbit for a walk, he's got a bit fat and needs some exercise.... I've been getting some tips from wikipedia: How to walk a Rabbit 🐰😉I thought I'd give you a weekend update in photos ☺️Alice xxxIMG_3840IMG_3843IMG_3803IMG_3870IMG_3808IMG_3810IMG_3813IMG_3816IMG_3831IMG_3834IMG_3871IMG_3852IMG_3860IMG_3863

Catch Up

This week, since arriving back in sunny Wandsworth from Florence, I haven't been completely idle and I thought I'd give you my week update in photos 😊IMG_3690IMG_3738IMG_3743I am going to make a quick interlude here and say that I was passing Victoria Secret's and thought I would pop in and have a look.  And I am going to make a small judgement on any girl who sends her boyfriend into this shop - seriously, no man should have to enter unless they genuinely want to (like the man I accidentally caught on camera on the far left).  There are THREE WHOLE FLOORS of knickers and bras, and it's extraordinarily overwhelming - I like shopping, and I wasn't coping entirely.  How many different types of pants can there be - someone really needs to get a balance between M&S's boring black and white, and the circus show that is Victoria Secret's - I just need to buy some new pants.IMG_3744IMG_3746IMG_3768IMG_3764IMG_3771IMG_3773IMG_3778IMG_3786IMG_3791I am going to let you into a small secret, one which I may regret 😳.  I am often looking for full length dresses 👗 (all this reeling 💃) and they are tricky to find at a price that means you don't need remortgage your house 🏡💵.  However, Debenhams has a line called Quiz.  And Quiz makes full length dresses UNDER £70.  I know, I know, it seems ludicrous - but really they do exist.  Ok the material is not exactly luxurious, you have to accept there will be some diamante 💎, and trying on is an absolute must.  But for reeling they are fantastic, as, if we are honest, reeling is more of a hardcore sport 🏃 than dainty dancing 💃, and by the end of a night of reels, plus further dancing in some insalubrious nightclub your dress doesn't always come off best.  So at £70 a pop (and they are often in the sale, I've got one before for £30) they are a very good investment.  The other key factor is that they are exactly the right length - none of this taking up business, which is such a bore (I really need to learn to sew ).  I always find most full length dresses are made for incredibly lengthly females and it just isn't working on my 5ft 4ness.  So whoever you are that is making these dresses, you are wonderful and please do continue, they fit me incredibly well - I really like the navy one in the image above.  And please can you all not rush out instantly and buy one, as it would be so boring if we all ended up wearing the same dress to the ball 💃😉IMG_3792

A Weekend

Many things happened this weekend.The biggest news is that I finally cracked, and downloaded Uber 🚙.  I have put off getting Uber 🚙, as my worry is that my relationship with Uber 🚙, will be similar to my relationship with chocolate 🍫 - if I don't have it, I can't eat it, if I do, I will always eat it all (I just don't understand these people who can eat two pieces of dairy milk, and not eat the rest of the bar for a week 🍫😍). Therefore with Uber on my phone I would soon be ubering everywhere, with my bicycle long forgotten 😢.  Until this weekend I  have always  had to be fairly imaginative with my travel arrangements 🚶🚴 🚕 🚂 ⛵️.The reason for the Uber 🚕 download is as follows:Alice (not me, a different Alice) had organised an appointment at 9am a bridesmaid 👗 dress shop in Chiswick, on Saturday morning.  Many alarm bells 🎊 should have started ringing at this proposition - 9am is not my strongest hour and the last time I went to Chiswick on a weekend it was a disaster.  But this was the only appointment they had, so I City Mapppered 📉the route in preparation (walk 🚶, bus 🚌, bus 🚎) and remembered to set my alarm ⏰.  I however forgot (ignored) the fact that I would be participating at a very nice dinner 🍷🍛 at Mosimann's for Gabby's birthday 🎂 on the Friday evening.  And after some good wine 🍷, much good food 🍲 and a 2am sleep time 💤 - a 7.30am alarm did not feel at all like a satisfactory option 😳.I did wake up 🎊🎊, and neither of my flatmates seemed particularly inclined to drive 🚙❌  me anywhere, so after an inner turmoil, I downloaded Uber.  You have to get an UberX apparently, so Hassan turned up in his white Toyota Prius 🚘 and off we went.  An eye make up disaster 😜 (too rushed, smudge everywhere) didn't seem to phase him, although I am certain I looked more like I was doing a walk of shame 😎, rather than going for respectable dress fitting 😇 when he picked me up from side of Wandsworth Bridge roundabout.  He even said 'take care' when he dropped me off (at the wrong place).  However, THE most important thing was that I made it, and we were able to try many bridesmaid dresses 👗 👗on 💕☺️.This weekend I also assisted in celebrating three birthdays 🎂🎂🎂 🎈😄.The first was Gabby's 👧for which we had a magnificent dinner 🍛 at Mosimann's (thank you Mary ☺️).  It was really very pleasant - I ate risotto al fungi (mushrooms) 🍲, some pigeon (hopefully not too local) 🐦 and we shared a pudding plate 🍰🍮🍨 (the passion fruit soufflé 🍮 is so delightful, I would happily go back and order just that.)  I do like Mosimann's very much - the building is a converted 19th century church, and the space is splendid.  The walls are filled with many beautiful works of art 🎨 and the loos 🚽are rather decadent, they have a fireplace with an actual fire burning 🌅.  And the food is very very nice indeed.  A charming evening out with wonderful company ☺️, and Jerome the chef even came out to say hello 😉.On Saturday evening we celebrated Tom 👦 and Chatty's 👩 birthdays with a large feast 🍛🍨🍷🍸.  Chatty cooked for 26 people - and she didn't just do a pie 🍲 - she went the whole hog and did roast pork 🐷, with potato gratin 🍲, and many wonderful trimmings (She was putting the pork in at 7.30am ⏰on Saturday morning, whilst I was having a break down trying to work out how to order an Uber 😭🚙).  It was magnificent and the pudding 🍨 was amazing - apple 🍏 tart tatin AND banana  🍌tart tatin.  Really delicious - there was not a scrap left (which was good, as last time we had a big dinner, there was a lot of pudding 🍨smooshed into the floor the next morning).  But we had an excellent time - 26 is the most we have sat for dinner so far in our house - thanks for all the chair  and table lending!!  Possibly, most excitingly of all, one of Tom's friend's, completely coincidentally works for Sipsmith, and brought some of that lovely gin 🍸along 💗.Sunday we cleared up (mainly Tom and Hugh), and then went for a potter down to the antiques market on the Northcote Road.  This worries me slightly, as I am not sure we are at antiques pottering age yet, but really it is because our house came completely unfurnished and we still need to acquire certain bits of useful furniture.  Anyway I really like the antiques market - there are many curious things, and the people are nice.  We rejuvenated ourselves with a nice hot chocolate ☕️☺️ in Gails, which is well worth it.Alice xxxIMG_2305IMG_2329IMG_2273IMG_2260IMG_2269IMG_2385IMG_2262IMG_2296IMG_2345IMG_2369IMG_2374IMG_2363IMG_2362 

The One When Chesca Came In From The Cold

Yesterday:Something very exciting happened yesterday - Chesca has moved in for a couple a weeks!  So now we are 5 👩👨👦👧👩🐰Chesca is studying 🎒 at the moment, so I spent yesterday testing her on her Arabic vocab - quite tricky for both of us.Bumble 🐰 also decided he wanted to learn Arabic, his method was slightly different - munching on the book 📘.  I mean he might well be fluent now, who knows.  He's a very secretive bunny 🐰.I also attended the Ballet 💃yesterday which was a delight!  My friend Laura who has a very serious job indeed (something to do with accounting 📑, she has told me multiple times but I am still not really any the wiser) wasn't able to get out of work in time to attend the performance and she very kindly, indeed, gave me her ticket.  It was fabulous - a really excellent choice Alex 😊. We saw Le Corsaire at the London Coliseum a swashbuckling 🌊tale based on Lord Byron's poem Le Corsair (I thought important to add the original title without the 'e' 😉).  It was in three acts, and told the story of a pirate 🚣who journeys across the sea to recuse the girl 👸 he is in love ❤️with from a harem.  At least that is what the website tells me happened - there were certainly a number of pirates 👱👱, beautiful girls in a harem 👸 👸and a charming, rather large, sultan 👵 (who I suspect was supposed to be a bit creepy, but I think had a jovial twinkle in his eye.)I loved the beginning of the third act - which appeared to be 'the sultans dream 💤' - many girls in wonderful pale pink tutus, others in pale green danced 👯 about the stage, some holding flowers 💐 - in a sort of 'ideal' garden 🌳.  It was a rather beautiful sight.  The end was quite unusual for ballet, a shipwreck 🚣 which reminded me of Theodore Gericault's 'The Raft of Medusa', all sea water and bodies everywhere.Anyway - I love ballet 💃, I love the way you can get lost in the movement of the dancers and the music, and it doesn't matter too much what is going on.  I once went to the 'opera' 😮 in Budapest with some friends when we were inter railing 🚉.  We waited and waited for them to sing - but they just never did, and I am secretly pleased that we ended up at the ballet 💃 by mistake.  I find opera 😮 tricky - they repeat themselves so much, and I can't help looking at the subtitles which is such a bore.  It also goes on forever - and I never quite trust young people  👶who 'just love' the opera 😮.  I mean do you really?  Or do you just think you should... I reckon it's an acquired taste.  (By the way, anyone who I have been to the opera 😮 with, I haven't been conning you, I have hopefully been increasing my appreciation for it..... it really can be splendid.)Today:Today I met up with Gabby, who has a super job at the British Museum 🏤.  I cycled 🚴 over to meet her for lunch - it was bitterly cold ❄️ today - I do not recommend cycling 🚴 in loafers 👠 in this weather, my toes had almost frozen off ⛄️ by the time I got there.  Gabby had an hour for lunch so we popped along to Clive's Midtown Diner, on Museum Street for a burger 🍔.  It was fun to catch up, and we had some good burgers and I indulged in a cola float 🍹.  We did consider wine as it's Friday - but I kind of just wanted a cola float ☺️🍹.After some excellent BM tips from Gabby, I waded my way through the endless school children and went to see the Egypt exhibition 🌞, the Rosetta Stone🗿, and popped in to see the crocodile mummy 🐊 (both kinds - it had mummified babies 🐲🐲 too - they are called hatchlings).  The part I enjoyed the most was a nosy around The Waddesdon Bequest which was so intriguing.  There were all sorts of wonderful 'things' 🔑⏳🏆.  I love things - Baron Ferdinand Rothchild had a whole room dedicated to them at his home Waddesdon Manor.  I didn't agree with them all, there were some very odd objects indeed - but also some really fascinating ones, and I am going to write ✏️ about this more soon.  I really liked this quote from the Baron 'My dearly beloved relations continue purchasing artistic wonders.  Oddly enough they never admire each other's purchases, and while extolling their own discrimination, ridicule the follies committed by others.' 😉Catch up soon.Alice xxxIMG_1416IMG_1283IMG_1291IMG_1402IMG_1411IMG_1302IMG_1304IMG_1310IMG_1316IMG_1393IMG_1360IMG_1414

Day 1 of Week 2

So yesterday I was set a challenge - a friend needed some letters 💌 delivering for work, and as they were all going to a similar area it seemed silly to post them.  As I apparently have oodles of time, I offered to play Postman Pat and deliver them by hand on my bicycle 🚴.There were 14 in total, so I put the letters in my basket, and having planned my route, pootled off.  It was a fun exercise in modern orienteering 📉🚵  - I plotted my route on Map Quest, screenshot it, then used google maps as a reference on my phone 📞 when I got stuck.  There is probably a far more efficient way of doing this, but I quite enjoyed stopping and checking my 'map' 📉📞.  It took me two hours and I only lost my bearings once, and found some really quite magnificent houses 🏰.  It was good to get out in the fresh air, and take some exercise - exercise is definitely good.IMG_0946IMG_0947IMG_0995Something that has been a little trying over the last week is the hot water situation in the house.  It is on a timer ⏳, and therefore comes on twice a day at normal hours (i.e. in the morning before work and in the evening after work).  I came unstuck last week when I REALLY wanted a hot bath 🛀 after cycling 🚴 into central London and back, and I got into a very luke warm bath.  It was truly horrid.  I could of course change the hot water settings 📲, however I don't think I should be doing that (it is good to keep a normal working day mentality), I don't actually know how to (I need a lesson Tom) and I'm not sure I would be allowed to.. 😉😁I do love having a bath 🛀 though, so I waited until 6.30pm ⏰ yesterday evening and had such a nice hot 🔥 bath.  Baths are truly great, and bathtime is something of a ritual.  I do enjoy a nice scented candle 🎆, and bubble bath, but I don't tend to wallow for long, I can't read in the bath (I always drop things) and I not a fan of the lengthy bath prune look.  I do sometimes paint my nails 💅, - yesterday was Max Factor Diva Coral - and listen to a story tape (podcast) 🎶, often 'No Such Thing As A Fish' - maybe the best podcast / listening material, ever 😊.  All of my housemates 🛀🛀🛀🛀 are bath people - which is great (we have two baths 🛁🛁 in the house which is ideal) - I don't quite trust people who don't enjoy baths.  I KNOW this is controversial - all that stuff about wallowing in your own dirt etc etc.  But it's just so nice to immerse yourself in all that hot water, it's the best way to relax.  I'm going to stop freaking you all out with my love of baths now... but just a quick fun photo of my current bath products:IMG_0952Ortigia Geranium bath salts : because someone gave me some Ortigia hand soap last year, and I have developed a real love 💗 for this brand, as it smells amazing and the packaging is glorious.  I particularly like the geranium products, and treated myself to some bath salts for Christmas.  Also the people in the Sloane Square shop are really lovely.Nutrogena Pink Grapefruit face wash: my housemate got me into this, I like the smell , it's leaves a nice clean feel (well done face wash) and it's pink 💓.Avalon Organics Lemon bath and shower gel:  This is nice and lemony 🍋, I love the smell, and makes me feel sort of good about myself - no parabens (I think), recyclable, good for the environment.Badedas bubble bath:  A classic, it creates proper bubbles and lasts forever.Lavender Room, Blackcurrent and Tomato candle: this smells similar to the Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay scent, but possibly even better,  😊🎆🍎 and for a quarter of the price (Sorry Jo, I do also love your things A LOT 😍.)IMG_0999IMG_0987