For the Love of Monte Rosa, House of Peroni

As it is June and there are many birthdays 🎈🎂(Emily's is tomorrow), we thought we should have an exciting evening out in London.  So Emily booked a fun cocktail 🍹 experience at the House of Peroni 🍻 at Proud East 🎨 which is in Haggerston, right on the canal 🚣.I can tell you that Haggerston is nowhere near Wandsworth 🚙 - and Susan and I were a little late, so we calmed a slightly rageful 😡 Emily and went to immerse ourselves in the For the Love of Monte Rosa cocktail experience designed by Margherita Maccapani Missoni 💛💚💜.So after entering a low lit room 🔦, we sat on stools and peered through pots of tomato and chilli plants🍎, whilst listening to a man explain why the cocktail 🍹we were drinking out of a plant pot was blue 💙.I would like to say (Margherita 💚💛💜 and Peroni🍻) that I certainly enjoyed the myself  😃 - the cocktails were excellent 🍹👌and we took some fun snaps  📷(thanks for the props 👒), but I'm not sure it was really an 'experience' - at least I'm still don't know what I was supposed to be gaining from the experience, apart from now knowing that Peroni 🍻make their own blue amaretto  💙🍸(it taste great by the way).After, we sat by the canal 🚣and drank more cocktails 🍹and ordered their bites - 3 of them - which was super worth it - yummy Italian things 🍝🍕.Thanks Peroni 🍻and Proud 🎨, we'd love to come back soon 😍.Alice xxxIMG_7694IMG_7697IMG_7698IMG_7702IMG_7727IMG_7721IMG_77152016-06-19_Shot_05_3794IMG_7724IMG_7732 

Not 30 Yet

Sometimes when you are in your twenties and living in London it is important to go out.  And I am not talking about drinks 🍷🍻 in the pub after work, I am talking getting dressed up 💃, and having drinks somewhere fun 🍹 and then going dancing somewhere even more fun 👯.So Mary rallied the troops and we decided to take a trip to Soho 🏮 on a Friday evening, because you know, we live in LONDON 🎡- and yes I do enjoy an evening out on the Northcote Road, and perhaps I have finally outgrown the Kings Road 👑 (although it is always a pleasure) and really it is important to do these things properly once in a while.So we went out (out) 💃.I got dressed up 💁 - sometimes this is my favourite part of an evening out, deciding what to wear 👗, trying on outfits 👚and discovering a great new combination 👘.  Occasionally I get carried away, and take a little too long doing this (it's so fun though) and accidents have occurred before - I once decided last minute that I needed to paint my nails green 💅💚 (you know, like Sally Bowles in Cabaret 🎩), and whilst sitting on the stairs diligently painting my nails 💅(I am expert at painting my nails most places - buses, trains 🚌🚂) - the bottle tipped, and it tumbled down the stairs and hit the landing, spattering my long suffering flatmate's cream carpet with a bright bright green 💚.  And this was not good.  So I now try to give my myself ample time to get ready and reach my destination of an evening....I got ready and headed over to the Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery 🎨 where we had to decided to have drinks 🍸, as they are open late on Fridays.  This was rather pleasant, as there really weren't many people, and we avoided that Friday night drinks after work crush.  We didn't actually make it into the Delacroix 🎨exhibition (that is for another day), but we did rather enjoy our drinks, and it's really nice wandering about the National Gallery at night.Next up we headed into Soho to Damson & Co as they have very good gin 🍹.  They infuse it themselves (I think this is the right word, I should remember from my Sipsmith talk!) and they have some rather delicious flavours.  The Kaffir Lime gin 🌿🍹 is particularly good with some tonic.  We did get hungry, so Katie and I may have had a sneaky Chilango 🍢- it was across the road and just willing us to come and sample it's delights.  It was great, exactly what I needed - it's a tortilla filled with all sorts of beans and rice and guacamole.It was then time for the really fun part, somewhere we could dance 👯, that didn't close too early.  And we settled on Little Italy 🇮🇹.  And if you haven't been here, you must go (with an open mind 👀, mind you.)Little Italy is a restaurant 🍝, bar 🍷 and there is a dance floor 💃of sorts (ideal) and it has a very old school feeling to it.  The bar is packed with every bottle of alcohol available, and the men behind the bar wear bow ties and red braces (the kind that hold your trousers up, not the ones that make your teeth straight).  We arrived post eating time, so the party was in full swing 🎶👯👯.  I think (apart from the fact they play excellent songs, all of which you want to dance to) Little Italy is all about the people 👩👦👧watching.  The Russians were downstairs and the Italians upstairs, with everyone else somewhere inbetween - and this is NOT your young hipster venue, the clientele were mostly a bit older than us 👵.  But they were all having a wonderful time, dancing the evening away.  We were herded from a table when a group of very nicely dressed up, on the older side of middle-aged, women turned up - who were attended to impeccably - waiters galore on hand, and no end of champagne 🍸🍸.  We did think they might just sit at their table all night being waited on hand and foot - but before too long they were also up having a wild time on the dance floor.It was a lot of fun.  The drinks are expensive (a bit too expensive 💵💵) and I did meet a man dressed as a woman in the loo 👸 - I am still not sure how to handle this, men just shouldn't be in the ladies.... but he was wearing heels, fishnets and a skirt...And we ubered it home 🚕  - and became excellent friends with the uber driver - he decided we were 'intelligent young ladies'.It was a very pleasing evening - and we certainly need to go out more, because London is great, and we aren't 30 ..... quite yet.Alice xxxIMG_4517IMG_4522IMG_4523IMG_4541IMG_4532IMG_4553IMG_4800IMG_4546

The Little Yellow Door

Last week I went to The Little Yellow Door  🚪💛for their 'Wednesdays - Kitchen Supper and Cocktails.' 🍝🍹  I think I should get things straight first, as it is important.  This is NOT someones actual flat, and they are not cooking you supper - it's being labelled as a 'pop up bar, based on a fictional flatshare' and unfortunately none of it really works.  (I think I am about to write my first, not so nice post - I was really quite intrigued and excited to visit this place, and it was just quite a disappointment 😔)From the website lulling you into supposing you might get a homemade meal 🍝, whilst meeting other interesting people 👧👦👩 sitting around a kitchen table, to that fact that it looks like a poorly arranged squat inside 📻📚 , there was really nothing hugely appealing about The Little Yellow Door  - apart from the fact it is right next to Notting Hill tube station, and the door is yellow 💛(at least they got that bit right).You put your name on the guest list 📝, you arrive 🚅, a bouncer 🎩 lets you pass through, up the stairs you go 🚶and your in 💃.  It's  one room, with a bar at one end and the 'tree house' 🌳at the other - this is a sort of built in cubby hole and is fairly entertaining, for a while.  It's decorated as though someone has let loose their slightly arty 14 year old 👦🎨 -  not necessarily a bad thing - I enjoyed the tree with blossom painted across one wall 🌸🌳.  The 'kitchen supper and cocktail' for £15 was a 'house cocktail', some chicken wings 🐥 and a sort of chicken slider.  We were hungry and we ate 🍔and we drank 🍹, but trying to get another drink was an absolute nightmare.  Until later on in the evening there seemed to be one waitress, and the poor girl was having to squeeze herself in and out of all the people - as it was full, with no where near enough places to sit.There were fun touches, the menu was on the back of a CD case 💽 (we were very confused to start with) and some of the drinks came in jam jars 🍹 with the labels still on (kooky... or just lazy?) - even in our house we manage to take the label off before reusing the jam jar.But perhaps I am being a bit unfair 😏.I had a romantic vision of a supper club, sitting around a table being served some home cooked food amongst friends and strangers.  And I don't think I would have minded that it wasn't actually in someones flat, if this had been the case.And as a bar, it was a nice change - it had a fun 'living as a student vibe' 🎨🍷📚, with everything a bit makeshift and rough around the edges.  And maybe I'm just the wrong age - as a student it might just be a really cool venue, if your a bit older you can reminisce about when you were once young and drank wine straight from the bottle 🍷, and then go home and be thankful your living room doesn't look like that anymore (although you do, very very occasionally, still drink wine from the bottle, because you know, glasses are a faff to wash 🍷🍷).  And maybe I have just been to too many 'trying to be different bars', but I think maybe we all have now, and it's important to get it really really right, Pop Brixton for instance, has some super spaces.It just didn't work that well for me 😔 - there was no queue to get in, so that was nice, and it is very easy to get to and find.  But if you want to go to a bar that looks like someones living room go to Passing Clouds on Kingsland Road.  I don't know if it's still there, but if you find your way upstairs in this place, it is marvellous - they've done it properly, you could quite easily be in someones eclectic house (maybe you are, I had had a couple of drinks when I discovered this super space).I'm not saying don't go - if you want a weekday outing that's a bit different, it definitely is, but I'm not sure I would go there for the experience, drinks or food alone, and perhaps it needs to work a bit better on it's package as a whole 😃.Thank you for having me!Alice xxxIMG_4185IMG_4189IMG_4197

28 and Unemployed

So I have been getting really lovely feedback 📝 about the blog, and wanted to say thank you☺️!I am really enjoying writing ✏️, and am also enjoying having the time to spend with friends 👫, and finding out what they get up to every day, and how it differs to the jobs I have done.  I recently got an explanation on 'softcoding' 📲 - thank you Nick!  (I think I need to learn some coding 📲 basics).  Been told that YouTube 📹 is apparently going to be THE social media thing of 2016 - (Emily when are you going to turn me into a vlogging star 📹⭐️?).  And a general feeling that not everyone is as satisfied with their jobs as they make out  'terrible boss but good hours', 'no career progression, but easy job' 'In love with my boss who is married....' 💓😁A couple 👭 of my littlest sisters friends sent her a message 💌 saying how much they loved 💕my blog - thanks guys 😍!!!  They said of the blog 'it's so great that it is written by an unemployed 28 year old' - which actually made my day 👯.For the first time in my life, I have nothing - absolutely nothing ahead of me - I can do anything I want.  I have always had a next step - school 🎒, university 🎓, internships 💾 and jobs 💻 (I've always had another job lined up before leaving one). But I am a firm believer that you are never 'sorted' in life.  Yes you can have goals to aim for - but you always have to work at everything each step of the way.  Which is why being unemployed and 28 is really a rather a great thing (ok your parents probably don't want you to be aspiring to unemployment in your late 20s) but I now have qualifications and experience 😀 and it is up to me to do what I want with it - and take whichever next step I choose, and this is exciting.(And yes I am aware that they may be seeing the more ridiculous 😎 side of my situation - unemployed, 27 actually, living with 4 slightly dysfunctional other 27 year olds 👫👫 and a rabbit 🐰 and taking trips to the V&A 🏤to keep myself occupied.  Sorry guys, just to warn you - in 6 years time you may not have a thriving career 👠, a doting husband 👰👦, a house in the country 🏡, two dachshunds 🐶🐶 and a range rover 🚗...  😉)SO - the weekend:Chatty and I, took Max out in Brixton - which is very edgy for him  (we have decided he is the least edgy housemate , so this was very good for him).  Brixton is fun and I guess quite edgy.  We had a delightful dinner in Three Eight Four - they do small sharing plates 🍛, we liked the arancini 🍘 and the chicken wings 🐥 the most - and they do fun presentation - the ping pong bat 🍳was quite entertaining.  The cocktails 🍸🍹were also great, I had the Nightshade, which was the right level of sweet and they had prosecco 🍸 for £5 a glass.  We DID NOT like the group of over excited girls 🙆🙅💁 sitting behind us who shrieked the entire time they were there and took photos with a highly offensive flash 📷🔆.  But other than that it was great - until I almost knocked myself out walking into the door on trying to exit.  It was a  glass door, Chatty was on the other side, and I had only had a couple of cocktails 🍹🍹and a glass of prosecco 🍸 - but seriously, it just wasn't there.....  this is exactly the moment I received the message from my 22 year old sisters friends, saying 'loving Alice's blog about being 28 and unemployed'...... 😲We ran away - obviously - and contemplated trying to go to Blues Kitchen Brixton 💙 - but gave up as the queue was offensively long 👭👫👭 - and to be honest, it looked rather like the queue outside Embargoes on the Kings Road, and we were trying to edgify Max and the last thing he needs is youthful wannabe hipster Sloanes 🙅...Saturday we went to the Geffrye Museum 🏤 - really because we wanted to find out who Geffrye 👨 was.  We never quite got the to bottom of this - but actually it is a rather fun place to visit.  It's all about the way the 'middling sort' lives (their words not mine) and how this has changed over the years.  They present you with different interiors 🏡, from different periods, and point out the changes that have taken place.  I liked the different concepts that were important to people during different eras - 'politeness' in the 18th century was a social code - there were very set ways to make tea ☕️ and proper ways to make conversation 💑, even how you should stand 🚶 - which all sounds really quite exhausting.  And later on, being 'neat' in everything you did was extremely important - your parlour need to be 'neat'.  I hope 'edgy' features in museums in 200 years time, as the way the young 'middling sort' of the 2000s lived - although I recommend you don't use our house - we are trying so hard, but the Cath Kidston 🔵 table cloth, and Le Creuset 🍚 kitchenware aren't really putting us on the scale... (although they are all second hand 😳😍)Something else very exciting happened this weekend - I have developed a liking for dachshunds ❤️🐶.  I have just never really liked them - it has always seemed so cruel to me to breed them with such long backs 😢, which they can damage so easily.  My new liking is not because they are now very trendy - but because this weekend I met 4 really quite charming dachshunds 🐶🐶🐶🐶 - and I think I am almost converted.  They are really very loveable 💕 and there is something rather delightful about having a couple of small dachshunds 🐶🐶 piled up on your lap requiring attention.  I was very tempted to steal Inka the smallest and take her back to London - I'm sure Bumble wouldn't have minded... 💘I also saw the most wonderful beehive - at least it was half a beehive, as the bees 🐝 had built it against a window - so you could see right in!  They weren't working on that part at the moment (they were busy on a different level) but it was quite magnificent to see the internal structure and the honeycomb.  And we got some honey 🐝 to take home - thank you Netty and Ted 😊!!Alice xxxIMG_1425IMG_1426IMG_1421IMG_1427IMG_1432IMG_1448IMG_1457IMG_1461IMG_1472IMG_1468IMG_1483